Colossal Rhodes

Returned from our Aegean sojourn browner of skin and lighter of wallet, but Kate’s on the case and is putting in a long shift today whilst I ponce around tapping my keyboard. Overall a successful family holiday but that’s it, no more, all our future holidays will be selfishly ours. Selflessness has it’s price and Kate particularly goes the extra mile as they say, whoever the fuck they are, to try and ensure everyone has a good time. We took Grace and Ruby along with a friend each and it’s a bit like all the school trips I did making sure everyone is safe and happy.

But we did like Rhodes and I was especially taken by the old town of Rhodes; a beautiful medieval city. Our family school-like trip to the place provided a lovely contrast which some of you parents might appreciate. Now many of our progeny (and to some extent our good selves) go shopping to demonstrate our existence and Rhodes like most places is one of commerce. Many of the streets of the old town are filled with places selling stuff and even before we entered we were being assailed by the younger generation about going to particular branches of global commercial chains to which assurances were given but would happen after we’d spent some time in the old town (the global commercial chains being in the ‘new town’).

We entered the old town through wonderful medieval gates, then walked along ancient streets essentially traffic free apart from the occasional scooter. There were many tourist shops, thousands of tourist shops, many selling very similar stuff but there was great variety. There was also the opportunity for some members of the family/school group to look at a range of buildings going back to Hellenic times. We had a very tasty and inexpensive lunch in a welcoming taverna then went to the new town. It was very hot, there was much noisy traffic. The progeny visited the global chains for a couple of hours but we soon found ourselves back in the old town without protest from the progeny. Although not commented on, I think that they preferred the experience in the old town.

And Rhodes is also famous for it’s Colossus, a massive statue of the Greek titan-god of the sun Helios. He stands astride the walls of the harbour entrance and sailors have for millennia caressed his manhood on leaving the harbour to bring them luck on their voyages. After so many caresses his manhood is now not what it was.

Well sticking with the commercial theme and after a couple of weeks away from the British media it was heartwarming to hear a politician on the toady show laying in to a klepto. The politician was Frank Field and the klepto philip green. Mr Field, using pretty straightforward language, said that green should simply write a cheque to make good the BHS pension shortfall. Only fair as green and his wife have plundered said pension. The toady presenters tried feebly to try and apportion blame to others such as the auditors and regulators but Mr Field succinctly said they too have been fingered but the primary responsibility lay with green. Apparently the top shop pension fund is also now in jeopardy courtesy of kleptogreen.

It was so refreshing to hear someone actually go for those actually responsible. As a young man I became aware that those at ‘the top’ justified their ill-gotten loot by stating that it was because they were responsible. The only thing these kleptos such as green and ashley have been responsible for is their thievery.

Had a phone call yesterday from an Owen Smith (who he?) activist asking who I was going to vote for in the Labour leadership. After saying Mr Jeremy he went on about his ‘unelectability’. I think this means that Mr Jeremy might be proposing stuff that the kleptos and their acolytes don’t like such as more council housing, fairer sharing of the common wealth, nationalising things like the railways, a saner policy on nuclear weapons and suchlike. And if one stands back a little from the sound and fury of the right wing media and look at the legacies say of condom and bliar, what do we see? And don’t get me started on the legacies of bunter such as the mobile saunas which roam the streets of London. See new mayor Khan has already cancelled orders for any new routemasters.

Now I must attend to our much neglected garden to get it presentable for our impending lily party. Made me so very sad to return to a garden with so much dead and dying plant life, but Kate bucked me up yesterday and we boosted the commercial profits of our lovely local garden centre.

Also off to hospital tomorrow for results of biopsy.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



2 thoughts on “Colossal Rhodes

  1. Welcome back Sounds wonderful. Holiday memories are just what it’s all about…. Hope biopsy test goes well.


    Martin X

    Martin Banbury Rookery Farm, Coles Oak Lane, Dedham, Essex, CO7 6DN, UK +44 7931 385 852



  2. Owen Smith is a CUNT and it won’t be long before everyone knows it – an agent of the dark forces of corruption. Makes Phil Green look no worse than a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


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