The farting trump.

Just reading more shit about the drumf when this comes to me:

Trump; verb to give forth a trumpet-like sound; spec. to break wind audibly (slang or vulgar).

Whenever drumf holds a finger and thumb of his right hand together it signifies that the mouth end of his alimentary canal is emitting what my youthful friends and I called an ‘sbd’. This is a fart that is ‘silent but deadly’ in that people don’t hear it but they certainly smell something deeply unpleasant. Although of course we do hear the shit from drumf’s mouth.

drumf has evolved into a narcissistic, sociopathic alimentary canal and when he breaks wind, or trumps, through his mouth he emits words and simplistic thoughts that are deeply, deeply unpleasant. To most sentient beings this causes a gag-like reflex, much like an ‘sbd’, and they recoil in horror. To those who either love wallowing in the shit humankind produces or those who unfortunately live in the shit humankind produces this trumping of drumf makes them squeal with delight.

A fart might be in charge of the most dangerous nation the world has ever known.

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Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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