So, as wordpress has it: “your stats are booming, you have lots of traffic”, well I did ask for it as I wrote my diatribe about Purbeck View School and cambian. This brief episode also exposed me to my first bit of trolling with a few crude and vituperative comments. The most common phrase involved me “whacking off”, which oddly mirrors my being moderated by the Grauniad commentariat for calling djokovic an onanist. I actually replied to one of the trolls but they seem reluctant to carry on. They also suggested me getting a life, what, like that of an internet troll? Now there’s irony.

Whilst flogging my unction on Friday I was checking my blog on my new smartphone, quite remarkable what can be done with them, and up pops this bleedin’ virgin ad, does beardy bransom now owe me some of his loot? And on the subject of advertising we mistimed going into the cinema yesterday and so sat through all the poxy ads, poor Kate then has to sit next to me muttering away about my loathing of advertising when on comes this ad advertising an ad free thing. More irony.

Well, didn’t GB do well in Rio. Apparently we’re now an “olympic superpower”. Now this causes some little consternation to the likes of me as we were brought up on a meagre olympic diet with the occasional British gold. Whoever won the gold instantly became a household name and how we liked to cheer the odd plucky Brit up against the might of all those drug-fuelled cheats from USSR, East Germany, USA and the like. Not much irony here but I think I’m going to support Burkina Faso in Japan. And Birmingham have made an indifferent start to their campaign, but they did beat one of my ‘old’ teams, Leeds, and that causes some interesting, but brief, emotions. What price loyalty eh?

Now there is irony aplenty in the way that various factions in the Labour Party are out to get rid of Mr Jeremy. I will be voting for him as will many others and one does wonder what these twats will do when he wins again? It is so sad that they follow the very circular media line that he’s ‘unelectable’. There’s an interesting Gyles Brandreth thing where he questions people in the tory heartland of Guildford whether they would support various policies. When they all said yes Mr Brandreth then told them they were Mr Jeremy’s policies at which point they all changed their minds, or rather with a crude reframing they unthinkingly rejected them. Such is the depth of political awareness and understanding of politics in this country. So simple, mucky murdoch and co don’t want anything like Mr Jeremy in power so us folks is brainwashed.

And who the fuck is Owen Smith? He is very simply the right wingers in the Labour Party coup candidate. Why doesn’t bliar and his acolytes like Liz Kendal just piss off and join the tts?

And my old mate Invers (that’s what his rugger mates called him, although I only called him John) is continuing to court controversy in his Olympic coverage. Now I’m not sure John Inverdale actually deserves all the shit that’s been dumped on him and a few theories are around to explain how his stock has fallen. My take is one I learned during my rugby playing days in that a player can do one thing wrong or badly, or someone makes an observation about their performance and it sticks. That player is then viewed through that prism. An example is Ray ‘Butch’ Wilkins who’s play was described as ‘crablike’ as ‘he always passed sideways’. So when people watched him any forward or backward passes were ignored and any sideways passes would be seized on to confirm his crabbiness. I’m sure there is some psychological term to explain this. Likewise with Invers, his commentary is now viewed through a different prism and any real or even imagined comments or behaviours are exaggerated and negative reinforcement continues. I do remember one time driving to training at Esher RFC listening to a hilarious episode of Alan Partridge on the radio then asking John if he’d listened to him, John gave me a dismissive no in reply. And I did laugh at his “looking through rose cunted glasses” at Cheltenham last year.

Got very excited last week about the idea of hiring a small medieval village in south west France next year for 60th birthday celebrations but it would’ve been too difficult for too many folk so the search for a suitable venue continues.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.





2 thoughts on “Irony.

  1. The phenomenon to which you refer is a really well established cognitive bias called ‘confirmation bias’.It is very powerful and difficult/impossible to overcome. It’s why you read the Guardian 😉


  2. I see that Saddo Khan has now cunted himself. As you say, have these idiots thought this through at all!? My simple take is that politics has become corrupt and the dark forces want to keep it that way. They see Jeremy as a fly in the ointment. The euphemism for this is ‘un-electable’. Ironic indeed as we shall hopefully shortly have confirmed!


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