My blog is awash with confirmation bias.

Thank you my Scottish friend; confirmation bias, as you so rightly assert very difficult to overcome as Mr Brandreth’s Guildford trip demonstrates:

Although maybe this isn’t a good example of confirmation bias but just good old cognitive dissonance, I don’t know my chemo addled brain is getting confused. Anyway I’ll be voting for Mr Jeremy, and if anyone can provide a good argument against his pledges I’ll put aside my confirmation bias and reconsider.

Whilst reading the Huffington Post I came across this which seems eminently sensible to me:


As I have often said to various people there is no proper research evidence, and certainly not the dodgy stuff various dodgy politicians and demagogues use like beardy gove and *unt, that supports the thesis that homework improves performance. And yet cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias will do their work on the populace.

Have you heard or read how effective duncan’s unction is?


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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