Who’s side you on? beardy ransom or Mr Jeremy?

So who to believe eh? beardy ransom or Mr Jeremy? Now in an attempt to be objective in our confirmation biased world I find it difficult to find any objective, let alone balanced pieces but patterns do emerge in my reading. The main stream media is generally anti-Corbyn. Much of the anti-Corbyn stuff is personally aggressive and tends to reinforce the dominant narrative of his unelectability and being a rerun of dear old Michael Foot, even the ‘balanced’ BBC is highly subjective and generally supports the anti-Corbyn stance. And I’m finding the Grauniad’s confirmation bias increasingly less appealing.

What does seem to be the case to my subjective eyes is that much of the pro-Corbyn stuff is less vituperative and does try to get meaningful and important stuff across beyond crass personal attacks.

So maybe this reinforces Angry Young Man’s take on the corrosive effects of the ‘dark forces’ and simplistic visceral attacks win over more thoughtful, considered stuff.

Anyway, beardy ransom has broken the law by releasing video footage of named individuals to preserve their commercial reputation. Also ransom was very quick to personally respond, it’s all the kleptonic twat has, his ‘virgin brand’, and probably says much about what Mr Jeremy is trying to get across such as renationalising the train service that actually really hurts the kleptos, their outriders and their acolytes. And as ever it is simply about money and power. We, the taxpayers, support ransom. He is not an ‘entrepeneur’ he is a thief and the only record he had when he started flogging records under his ‘virgin label’ was a Cliff Richard disc.


PS I do suffer from BCB (branson  confirmation bias)

love Duncan and keep on keeping on.


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