It’s 4.16 a.m. and I’m awake again, what is it that awakens me at these times when I should be sleeping? Went for my regular dental check up at the hospital yesterday and was informed that I had gum disease even though I’ve been brushing, poking, swilling and pulling. Looks like it will be an intensive few weeks on the mouth front to prevent further deterioration. One thing the maxillofacial person said was that it can be caused by stress and my nocturnal awakenings may be a sign of stress. My taught neck muscles might also be a sign.

But what am I stressed about? Apart from the obvious there is also the sorting of my daughter’s impending departure for university, made a little more fraught as she decided to go this year rather than defer for a year. Hence it’s been a rather frantic rush to get a place, sort finance and accommodation. The first was relatively easy, despite the dreaded wait for A level results. The second involves lots of forms which I love but also makes one aware of just how much of a scam higher education has now become in this grubby nation. Simply, unless you are born to a wealthy family, current ‘funding’ structures do all they can to ensure young folk are financially tenured.

My daughter made a comment when asked what she could do for her university, you know, the way modern day organisations abuse language to make themselves sound so hip whilst doing the old doublespeak and really dumping on the poor folk like apple, she wrote: what beyond you getting £9000 a year for my attendance?

She is acutely aware of how much debt she will be in and so primarily thinks about what job she can do that will pay enough. I’m sure she is very typical of her age group. When we visited Brighton University I was saddened to overhear 2 students talk about jobs that would provide pensions, allow them to afford mortgages and health insurance. Well done maggie, the tts, bliar, all the kleptos and your media whores, you’ve really narrowed and coarsened our world.

And then we get on to the modern scam of housing, in particular student housing. Because my daughter comes late to this imbroglio her choice is reduced and when she’s offered a place immediately panics because it’s expensive and thinks there’s no way she can afford it. Actually all the accommodation is expensive, even the ‘cheaper’ options. There is little flexibility as there is only a 45 week contract available, way beyond the actual term times, sold as ‘Longer contracts are more preferable for students wishing to stay in Bath over the summer whilst they continue to study or work in the city. Some students prefer to use their room to store belongings for part of the summer, before moving into private sector accommodation in their second year of study.’ Nothing about those students, of which I’m sure there are many, who might prefer a shorter and cheaper tenancy. Still, just secures them more tightly into their financial bondage.

My daughter should be excited and a little nervous about making her first serious move into the big, outside world but this is seriously tempered by the financial fucks of the big outside world.

And the tts, even under fork-tongued may and her ‘society for the many not the few’ bollocks continue their class war with their proposed ‘pay to stay’ policy where those who happen to earn £31000 (£40K) in London will be forced to pay a lot more for ‘social housing’ or move. Now that’s really a society for the many eh? Apparently a close friend of maggiethewitch said she actually regretted her policy of flogging off council housing. Still, as long as the tts and their klepto friends keep getting fat on rents all’s well with the world.

Small world, just spoke to a pleasant young chap working for the rentier unite, not the union but the company who run the place my daughter will be going to. Set up in 1991 by Nick Porter, unite is now Europe’s largest supplier of student accommodation . Anyway this young chap’s parents live in little old Swanage and he knows it well, small world. And a few weeks ago whilst flogging my unction at the Square and Compass Fair a woman came to the stall I vaguely recognised, then we remembered how we knew each other and that we both had cancer about the same time and that she married a bloke recently called Duncan Smith. And at a big fete last Monday, also selling my unction, met a woman called Sue who has a son called Duncan Smith. Fuck, we’re everywhere.

And everywhere we will unite behind Mr Jeremy and build enough houses so that everyone has a decent place to live and we will liberate the lands stolen by the likes of slaver drax.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan


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