It’s a shady business.

Throat the sorest it’s been for quite some time after heavy usage over the weekend. It was the Swanage folk festival and began for us on Friday with the visit of David and Avril to see the Oysterband. After a couple of drinks we took some seats in the middle of the big tent, within a few minutes an old geezer next to me was expressing annoyance at David’s deep voice as he couldn’t hear the inane between song banter of the twee duo on stage. I laughed diplomatically. Anyway, who cared as the loud, belligerent and boisterous Oysterband came on, certainly not David as he was asleep. The singer prefaced one song by saying that they were going to use a word in the next song that was rarely heard nowadays and might offend some people; socialism. Kate and I bellowed our approval along with a few others. The song was ‘Here comes the flood’:   This is what you missed David.

As we all know a few drinks, a raucous concert can affect the old throat and I had little time to recover as I was up early to set up the stall to flog my unction. And with the lovely new banner designed by Lizzy:


And selling something new like my unction demands some selling patter so after 2 long days my throat was the worse for wear by packing-up time yesterday. Good job as we only had to listen to the hour long Archers special and, spoiler alert, Helen was found not guilty which I’m sure pleased many in the country. In my humble opinion the jury stuff was done very well employing a goodly cross-section of society, as they should. It was messy as these things probably are with people having to think, discuss and make decisions in a situation and ways they’re probably not used to. So we had the process of various folk expressing their opinions and often looking for, or more often being given, confirmation bias from others.

Having my little stall at a local event inevitably means I see many local folk I know and it’s good talking to them. Many I haven’t seen for a while for various reasons and some provide evidence to confirm my bias against cambian and it’s shady business practices. One aspect I wasn’t really involved in whilst teaching at the school was the actual business side and in particular the school’s use of local businesses providing different services and delaying payments to them. Larger businesses too often abuse smaller businesses, the recent charging of the 3 former tesco directors with fraud, including delaying payments to suppliers, a good case in point. And apparently this was/is common cambian practice.

I did have some direct examples of their dodgy practice. I set up an online teaching system, in many ways ideal for the school’s socially and communicatively challenged students, for my class. It was extremely frustrating to take my class for their weekly lesson to spend most of their time watching screens buffering as the company refused to invest in a decent computer system. An assessor came to check out what we were doing and she witnessed a lesson, afterwards she said she hadn’t experienced computers so slow for many years, and this was with a class of only a few students. I fired off emails to many within the school and cambian, including kleptosaria, nothing changed. As long as kleptosaria got his loot and the company made their loot, but hang on, the share price is still in the doldrums so………………….

And the kleptos pay continues to rise into the obscene distance, takes the average ceo 3 minutes and 45 seconds to earn the annual minimum wage. Still, all will be well as Britain takes control again with the tt brexiters heading up negotiations and trade deals with the rest of the world. The bank of England pumps billions into the ailing economy, costs of doing business, especially with Europe will rise as the cutting of EU ties ironically leads to even more red tape, already ailing and deprived parts of the country may well lose whatever businesses are based there, may is shunned at the G20 summit. Like Nick Cohen writes in the Observer it’s all so reminiscent of the late 30’s and the false promise of appeasement with the nazis and eerily led by the same newspapers. It’s mass delusion.

And this country’s tt led backwardness and delusion gathers pace as the dead moggie of reintroducing grammar schools rears it’s ugly head. There is only hard evidence that a selective grammar school system is worse overall, all it does is reinforce our ugly class system and this is evidence based, no confirmation bias here. It really is a delusional distraction as education faces similar financial problems to other public services like the NHS, as well as a severe teacher shortage. Still, all this is not really a surprise with the tts running things.

Still we can all cheer at Helen’s acquittal, at least in the world of radio entertainment there is some justice in the world. And djokovic was beaten.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.












































































































































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