The ‘real’ world.

Two recent events, one real the other artifice, have been bothering me and caused me to now write. Last week I met a friend and during our conversation I mentioned how pissed off I was with all the costs now associated with sending one’s progeny off to university. Not only are our poor children saddled with vast debts we parents are expected to fork out a great deal, mainly sorting accommodation and associated sundries. As I expanded this to rail against ‘rip off’ Britain, including transport, parking, bureaucratic bollocks like DBS (disclosure and barring service) and so on the person I was conversing with said this was because I had been a teacher and was now entering the ‘real’ world inhabited by the likes of him. What arrogance, dressed up as good old ‘common sense’, another term that can be categorised in the dustbin of bollocks.

The second event, the artificial one, was in the Archer’s special on Sunday when one of the jurors became angry when another juror talked about him not being in the ‘real’ world. He, quite rightly in my opinion, asked how this other person could claim existence in this ‘real’ world whilst others who happen to have different experiences, beliefs etc. are considered not to live in the ‘real’ world. This belief system that people have to rationalise their own as compared to other’s existence by telling them ‘welcome to the real world’ really pisses me off. And woe betide the next person who says this to me, they’re going to get a right (and left) earful.

Actually I think I’ll just ask them to explain what they mean by the ‘real’ world, then perhaps they’ll receive something from, what they logically must think my ‘unreal’ world that really exists, like a big bin of bollocks. Now there’s an image.

Time for another real world Kliban:


Keep on keeping on in the real world, love Duncan.



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