Boycott apple.

Just heard on the toady show that banks are upset at the increasing scams being perpetrated on their customers, they’re upset because that’s their job.

And also heard Tom Watson on the same show, actually he looks a little toad-like, and he made a very unsubtle dig at Mr Jeremy saying that he, Mr Toad, comes on to the toady show to discuss policies unlike Mr Jeremy who doesn’t play that game.

Time to have a massive boycott of apple; they have the massivest pile of money and the massivest deficit in paying the peons who actually make their stuff.  They are possibly the massivest tax avoiders, come on you EU and reclaim our common wealth. These applefuckers exploit the Earth and their peons and the supine lick the arse of cookthebooks who ‘courageously’ has a phone produced that has no earphone socket. As Benny Hill sang ‘What a World’.

And where have all the pokemons gone? Crazes get ever shorter lived. How long before apple bring out a new model every week?

Another check up a week today, will try to keep the anxiety at bay.

Teaching Grace how to make risotto today, she wants to learn before going to Bath Spa on Friday. Trying to book a B&b or hotel in Bath for a weekend at short notice is difficult, especially for one weekend night but airbnb provided a result. And when Kate saw the owner’s name she knew her, one of Den’s (Kate’s brother in law) old girlfriends. Only 2 degrees of separation.

WARNING - Thieves Operate in this Area.

WARNING – Thieves Operate in this Area.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan




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