Golly, what political correctness.

My blog began in response to my cancer, it’s a means of keeping friends and family and other folk updated with my crabby condition. Solipsistic bastard. From the beginning I also included stuff I think about and this is now my prime mover for writing. Solipsistic twat.

Yesterday whilst driving the BBC news on the radio reported that voting was finishing for the Labour leadership and appended with an item from Mr Jeremy’s ex-wife who said she’d voted for owen toad and that it had been hard to observe her ex-husband’s efforts over the past year. Such blatant anti-Corbyn bollocks. I also heard that theresa may’s former pet dog is not going to vote for her in next year’s general election.

Soon after the news item I observed a public house operative moving with the alacrity of a 3-toed sloth whilst preparing their place for the day’s custom.

And then today I read of another person on the same village selling the following t-towels:


Now following the top left call to freedom of speech I begin my splenetic spluttering, but where to start as there is an absolute plethora, just look at what the woman has put on. Just think what this racist, anti-black caricature is upholding. My befuddled brain is boggled beyond belief (my best alliterative sentence yet). What cognitive dissonance, just what is she trying to express? You middle class liberal twat Duncan, who do you think you are to present a different view with your political correctness to question this woman’s right to express how she feels about golliwogs, that you can’t airbrush out our cultural history, that a golliwog represents aspiration. Absolute bollocks dressed up with some voguish modern terms. Why don’t you make a t-towel showing slaves or blackshirts? Both part of our cultural history. Ask any black person how in any way a golliwog represents aspiration. I know a black person who used to live in the same village, he said there were many members of the klu klux klan living in the village but he sold them all the sheets for their dressing up. Maybe that sort of aspiration? Or maybe the aspiration to get pissed on cider, much like many indigenous peoples drink to cope with their lot in white dominated societies.

Any counter arguments welcomed for discourse,

And I’m feeling sad with Grace going to university tomorrow, I’ll miss her but I’m excited for her as she embarks on the next stage of her life.

When swimming through the sea of life best to use breastroke, better at clearing the shit out of the way (a George Carlin quote).


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.




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