2 year anniversary!

I started this blog 2 years ago yesterday. And yesterday after a 2 hour wait at Green Clinic, I was seen and checked, given the OK and told not to come back for 4 months, that’s next year and made Kate and I very happy.

So it’s just over 2 years since my treatment started, so long and yet so short. What paradoxes time can throw up, flexing like a whore as dear old Bowie sang.

Off to Devon on Friday to see Jo, Kate’s sister, and Den then doing what looks like a fancy foodie fair at Powderham Castle near Exeter on Saturday to flog my unction. Hope my little stall is next to the Neal’s Yard one. Also hope we do not spend all our profits, if there be such, on foodie stuff. I’m going to do a pathetic little beard count as I drink my artisanal coffee. Interesting this flogging lark, the selling not the S&M lark, as I think I’m quite good with the patter, yet very generous with the giving out of free samples. Also have been pissed off trying to get a couple of healthy type shops to stock my unction. One, which I’ll not name but is in nearby Wareham, I called a few times each time being told to call another day. Eventually the bloke who runs it was in the shop when I called, the shop assistant went to talk to him and returned saying he was far too busy to talk to me. So now I’ve asked a number of people to go into the shop at different times to enquire as to whether they sell Duncan’s Unction.

Still missing Grace, am off to Bath tomorrow to give her a hug.

And wally watson, what an already past it’s sell by date speech yesterday, banging on about people, i.e. the Cornynistas, not celebrating the achievements of the bliar era. And saddo khan going power crazy. Sadly neither really properly understands that power without an underpinning philosophy will fall apart sooner or later. We are all, except the kleptos, suffering from the fall out of ‘turbo capitalism’ and the neo-liberal ‘project’. Sadly the left, not just in this country, have just tried to ameliorate the effects of neoliberal globalism rather than present a proper alternative that benefits all of us as well as the planet.

And poor old drumf with his dodgy microphone and biased moderator; twat. And I’m sure he won’t reveal any tax details not because he’s smart tax dodger, but because he doesn’t want people to know that he’s not really a billionaire. Narcissistic twat.

Where’s Alf Ramsay when we need him? And Wiggo, are you really a drug cheat? Oh the sad corruption of everything tainted by money and power, watch out Duncan’s Unctions.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan


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