Feeling a little fuzzy as I stayed awake to listen to ‘the debate’. Caused me to experience a number of different emotions and thoughts, but the overwhelming one was how could a man like drumf actually get into this position? I know there’s the ‘American dream’ anyone can make it, but hey, wake up. Anyway drumf was born with a silver spoon up his nose if his perpetual sniffing is anything to go by; so money and it’s power got him to a place where he can stand on a stage watched by and listened to by many millions.

Anyway, his sniffing, if it is coke induced then it’s an affront to coke heads. But hey folks there are many possible reasons, may well be an allergy caused by a massive allergic reaction to him in some sort of reverse reaction.

Could be sinusitis, a blockage of his sinuses, probably a development from various blockages in his narcissistic brain pathways.

Maybe it’s an irritation, certainly his weird constipated look and frequent arrogant interruptions seem irritable, ooh you’re all ganging up on me. He certainly irritates many others.

Perhaps it’s caused by some medication such as stuffing viagra up his nose. He is 70 now so is probably on a range of medications including erectile dysfunction.

Could be some sort of tic, this may be a symptom of ADHD. He certainly has some other symptoms, maybe combined with OCD, he is disgusted by many things.

Sniffing is a sign of crying and all the pressure is bringing out a long repressed dysfunctional relationship with his mother.

He might have stuffed something up his nose, it is something children often do. I remember when I was young I won a competition with my brother to see who could push a dried pea furthest up our nose. I had to go to the doctor to have it removed.

Enough of the narcissistic moron.

Selling my unction in a very grand hall in Salisbury Guild Hall I began suffering from RSI: repetitive spiel injury. Getting some very positive responses to the unction. Last week whilst in the newly revamped Bridport Arts Centre a man asked me in passing whether it was extreme unction. Slightly thrown, thinking this was a particular thing I glibly replied that it was extremely good. Extreme unction is a former name for the catholic sacrament, especially when administered to the dying. Whilst unction does have an archaic meaning of treatment with a medicinal oil or ointment it is also: “the action of anointing someone with oil or ointment as a religious rite or as a symbol of investiture as a monarch.” So I’ve chosen a term that encapsulates two of my favourite things: religion and royalty! When I’m next in Poundbury I’ll get Charlie to give it a royal warrant., trump-coke

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan, sniff.






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