Always thought and assumed I was good with and coped well with change but now am of the opinion that currently I’m not. Perhaps the whole crabby thing and it’s ‘life changing’ effects are catching up on me. Certainly Grace going off to university hit me harder than I thought it would, spent a great deal helping her through the process and very little self reflection until after. The existential angst brought on from trying to set up my own business after being a teacher all my working life. And then pitching up at my local pub for our first competitive game of the new pool season and there’s a new landlady and landlord and new faces in the team. My change befuddled brain briefly went into meltdown and I just wanted to go back home and be in front of our log fire with Kate.

But then the changes that appear to be happening to me as I get more into T’ai Chi, or more particularly Qi Gong, feel pretty good. I like the aspect of it that as soon as you think you’re getting good something happens that reminds you you’re still very much a low-level novice.

What doesn’t feel so good is the changes being wrought in our benighted Isle by bleedin’ brexit. Racism, xenophobia and the collective mindset that we can reverse all the changes of the past 60 years or so and return to some mythical english era. As well as the personal setback with the plunge in the pound that jeopardises our moving to Italy plans. I do so hope the tts lose Witney today to compound the poxy changes condom features has wrought.

And from my various snouts news of all the changes at poor Purbeck View School that are causing so much consternation. The effects on staff and students brought primarily about by one largely arrogant person who signally failed to bring co-operative change are sad to witness. Still, much as my Qi Gong hubris causes me to humbly reflect, I hear that the largely arrogant one is being given time to reflect on their behaviour, perhaps on the highway to hell.

I recall pitchfork references in my earliest blogs and seems that poor yankland may be about to experience pitchfork rebellions when drumf refuses to accept losing the election. What a tease the ignoramus is as he keeps us ‘in suspense’.

And yet, what changes if the small-handed twat wins…………………………

Would be good to see the asset-stripping green shyster stripped of his knighthood and his ill-begotten wealth, and the general change so many of us would like to see of the repatriation of all the stolen loot from the kleptos.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



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