We’re surrounded by wankers.

And we live in strange times, or is it that we’re coming to see the reality as the facade of all that we consider normal is stripped away. Or maybe my brain’s just chemo-fucked. Started watching Adam Curtis’s latest ‘HyperNormalisation’ (http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p04b183c/adam-curtis-hypernormalisation)  which starts by stating that we live in a strange time, and how we’re comforted by the powerbrokers constructing a fake, simple version of our world and we, even the counterculturists like the hippies, bought into it and allowed this simplistic vision to predominate. Of course whilst humans are essentially creatures of habit and generally simple folk looking at life through this particular simplified lens has created great distortions. And now we are paying the consequences and we have the ugly contradictions like drumf and the grinning gargoyle. These self-appointed men of the people, these ‘straight talkers’ who decry elites and yet are products of this weird world and the apparently simple becomes rapidly contorted, no wonder Martin Rowson draws farage as a snake:


So whenever people who support either of these ‘alpha males’ have their bigotry, racism, misogyny, contradictions pointed out to them they contort themselves to maintain the simple version. For example, watching Question Time from Hartlepool when the ‘big beast’ Kenneth Clarke points out contradictions or an alternative he is listened to in polite silence yet the young Labour female MP when she essentially says the same is howled at by the mob. So we have a tt and a Labour saying the same things about brexit and yet different responses, wonder why?

drumf will get lots of votes simply because his opponent is a woman.

So we have our simple version of the world underpinned by deeper patriarchal bollocks.

And drumf is a very much a product of our simplified corrupted world, he has carried out his kleptomania in full view and is a prime example of prime real estate exploitation.

In my simple world had my first game in the Swanage pool premier league last night and it was fun having premier league players coming to play at The Globe’s very cramped table which also, owing to the 17th century floor, is a little uneven and this unevenness evens things up. And yet, even at this simple level dark forces operate, there is no referee and players self-govern, much like our financial services and kleptos, so despite the frequent mantra of “we’re just playing for fun” and the like there are many examples of nefarious deeds, especially, apparently, in the premier league.

In my second game I was undone by hubris; playing for me a good tactical game I approached the table for a shot thinking I’m about to win this game and promptly knocked one of my opponent’s balls (joke time) with my thumb. I immediately stood up and told my opponent I’d fouled, he and others had not even seen it. He went on to snatch a win as my last ball stuck in the pocket’s jaws.

The likes of drumf and the grinning gargoyle would never own up to a foul, they would see it as a sign of weakness, they commit deliberate fouls regularly as part of their game and they get away with it, why is this?  Or more particularly why do so many not see this? Oh silly me, it’s been going on for time immemorial. Many years ago I read a book by J B Priestley called the Image Men in which he has a couple of blokes set up a PR agency, the institute of imagistics I think they called it. They do well and get an impressive client list. Then they have a bust up, separate and set up their own agencies. One then gets the then prime minister the other the leader of the opposition as clients. The climax of the book has the two leaders presenting their new images for the coming election, they are both exactly the same as the two PR men have deliberately created it so.

That’s it, I’ve had it with the Grauniad. I read a very pertinent and cogently argued piece by George Monbiot and someone in the comments wrote very disparagingly about it, fair enough but finished with: ” Sadly, this is what the Guardian BTL has become nowadays: a (almost complete) wankfest.” I replied to this commentator by asking whether they’d written their comment with one hand? And my comment was removed. Wankers.

Only a Kliban can save my sanity with this early drumf reference:


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



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