Where are we now?

kliban_stickbookAn ugliness stalks the land, it’s not due to brexit, that was just a lance that released more bile from the boil. The boil that began forming in the 1970’s and has increasingly festered and suppurated since is this neoliberal boil that fetishised money, the ‘market’, choice and the self. The boil that demonised society and community, that forced people, to choose sides, are you with us or them? The us that uses divisiveness, that reinforces difference.

But no, that’s too simplistic even though more than a lance the neoliberal ‘project’ has unleashed powerful forces resulting in massive and grotesque inequalities. We need to go back, way back, through this island’s history to better understand our ‘English exceptionalism’ which fuels our darkly arrogant souls.

As my darkly arrogant soul was woken by the sound of someone coming down the stairs of our Italian hostelry last Sunday morning, I thought ‘shit, that’s a very big person as they’re causing the bed and the whole room to shake’. My sleep dulled brain then thought that maybe the shaking house  wasn’t entirely due to a person descending the stairs, more likely an earthquake. I nudged Kate and told her it was an earthquake, we rocked in our bed and listened to the increasing car alarm chorus. An alarming experience.

We spent the day travelling around Abruzzo, eating delicious food and experiencing the Italian passegiata; the gentle strolling of young and old and those in between, occasionally stopping to have a coffee, glass of wine or spritz, to gently contemplate and just be with others. Meanwhile in Englandshire we go shopping.

Already thinking that perhaps we are being foolhardy thinking we can buy a little dolce vita I then read about the many apparent pitfalls of buying property in Abbruzzo and perhaps the rude early morning awakening was a wake up call.

Monday, and we’re off to meet Dave the estate agent. He and his Italian partner drive us around the beautiful countryside with it’s mountainous backdrop, we learn more about Italian life, we fall in love with the whole idea and think that yes, we could live here. Fortunately I constrain my impulsivity and don’t make an offer outright but we start viewing with different eyes and sooner or later we’ll find what we want.

Dave tells us about a recent client, a black English woman who post-brexit experiences for the first time people telling her that people have voted to get rid of people like her. England, in voting for brexit, has revealed it’s underlying racism and it’s meanness. Good riddance Duncan, you can fuck off we don’t want the likes of you with your lefty liberal bollocks. How can you question the right of our noble soccer players to wear a poppy motif on their shirts? The out of touch twats at fifa telling us, us the English for god’s sake, that it’s a political statement wearing a poppy and that we can’t commemorate the dead. And the headlines in the likes of the sun and the mail make clear that it is in fact intensely political.

And just heard boris de pfeffel Russian mole twatface Johnson say that we are going to “make brexit a titanic success”. Quite.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



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