God Save the Queen.

Thought I’d join the ranks of various folk imploring people to vote for Hillary as the prospect of drumf as president and how that would feed his childish ego is extremely frightening. It occurred to me yesterday as I was driving to Bristol and listening to Barack Obama on the radio how there seemed to be more visceral hatred against Hillary than him, the first black president, and he experienced loads of racist shit. Made me think that maybe misogyny is even more deep rooted than racism. But it’s difficult to be objective as drumf is such an exceptionally appalling person that had he run against Barack would there have been even more racist shit?

And Alan Bennett is reading his autobiography he calls ‘Keeping on Keeping on’.

And Mr Bennett is pondering the appearance of the likes of the grinning gargoyle and boris de pfeffel twatface Russian agent johnson on Have I got News for You. He thinks it demeans politics by allowing such people on even though Merton and Hislop will ridicule them and folk get an even lower opinion of politicians and that the likes of the gargoyle and twatface are OK, they’re not. As Bennett says they are devoid of moral fibre.

Anyway, went to the very peaceful and wonderful place that is the Penny Brohn cancer place that provides exceptional support for crabby folk. Met Sarah and Geraldine to show them my unction, fortunately they liked it and it will now be sold by the centre. Then went on to meet my old mate Steve ‘Brizzle Pound’ Clarke and it was good to talk with him, it was the old cliché that even though we’ve been separated by time and place from our initial meeting in Brixton it’s as if there had been no separation and conversation flowed. Glad to know that though we’re older and slightly wiser we’re still stupid and fun loving.

And writing of the business empire that is Duncan’s Unctions a new product was created on Wednesday: Duncan’s Unction for Feet; the unction spreads!

And chemobrain strikes again, booked a market for the 11th November in Dorchester and when I didn’t get my usual email reminder I checked the website, I’d booked it for 11th November 2017.

And as the brexit bollocks continues to unravel it was entertaining to see the inept brexiteers squirm after the judicial judgment.

And a new musical about cancer which starts from a position that objects to the term battle which I have felt since my diagnosis, it’s not a battle it just is, it’s part of life (and death). It looks great (to me) and the writer/director was most proud that she got the whole range of ratings from 1 to 5 stars from reviewers, indicating that people don’t do disease and death well. https://www.nationaltheatre.org.uk/shows/a-pacifists-guide-to-the-war-on-cancer

And the best ever finish to Newsnight last night, Kirsty Wark spoke of a TT  brexiteer MP andy rossendale suggesting BBC1 finishes every night with the national anthem, and at this time of uber nationalism they dared to end the show with God Save the Queen by the Sex Pistols, brilliant. https://twitter.com/BBCNewsnight

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.




3 thoughts on “God Save the Queen.

  1. I quite like the idea of the queen being made to sing the Pistols version of her tune before being shot for ‘treason’, like Nicolae Ceausescu. I must suggest this addition to Jeremy’s agenda. I am finding Hilarious’ celebrity roll-call a bit sick. Who do they think they are telling others what to do! But as Carlin carefully explained, the politicians are ‘an irrelevance’. This probably explains why the candidates are so weak / weird. It does seem that not that many people want to do a job that has the illusion of power but where you cannot actually do anything apart from smile and talk utter crap.


  2. Tend to agree with the celebrity bollocks, even with my hero the Boss, and for many folk probably made them more likely to vote for drumf. Am feeling very tired again, third time in less than 18 months and each result has shown that we live in even more illusory times. Suppose it keeps the American dream alive that even someone less developed than the average 3 year old can become president, unless you’re female.


  3. I too feel tired a lot of the time but then get the occasional bursts of energy unexplainable. We are getting old and fucked, but we still have life in us. One day the world will belong to us old timers.


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