9/11 to 11/9.

Life’s a piece of spit when you look at it, so always look on the bright side of life. drumf, the brexiteers, marine le pen and their ilk will soon show they have little understanding of the where we are, let alone how we got here and absolutely spit about what’s to be done to improve the lot of us. There’ll be a ranting and a raging as they incompetently demonstrate their ignorance and opportunities will present themselves for a progressive rather than a regressive approach.

Unless they impose martial law before then.

Took a lovely old lady to Poole Hospital today, I left her in the waiting room to go and move the car and when I returned the waiting room was empty, in fact the whole oncology outpatients department was empty. I retraced my steps, no sign of her, did ever increasing loops around the labyrinthine hospital, spoke with folk at various reception areas, called her care home and felt very much like I had when students in my care went awol (an infrequent occurrence I might add). On one return to the oncology department there was a receptionist, she’d just started her shift and was only able to tell me that she’d had her appointment and the doctor had gone. Over 45 minutes had passed and panic was beginning to set in when I finally discovered she’d gone for a blood test, very relieved to find her.

When she asked how much she owed for taking her, we get token travel expenses, I told her the exact amount due with the mileage. Ooh she said that’s not as much as others, one person in particular takes a little liberty with what they charge, no names but their email used to include rockgod. Just like the drumf and others this chap will get their comeuppance, they will be fully exposed for the charlatans they are and the schadenfreude will be sweet.

Up the Irish, stuffed the All Blacks.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



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