Wasn’t in the writing mood and feeling a little ‘under the weather’, contemplating whether my under-weatherness was due to overdoing things, T’ai Chi’s effects on my body or lingering aftershocks of chemotherapy? And this ‘under the weather’ seems to my logical thinking that we’re always under the weather unless you’re in a space station.

Anyway, my sovereign anger was aroused whilst contemplating the deal our current incompetents have done with Nissan. Suspect clarkson is somewhere in the background taking his cut, what with may and hammond heading up the tt team.

And drumf’s victory, probably rigged, causes me to think that so-called conventional wisdom means a little bet on Mr Jeremy for next prime minister might be in order. And then I check the odds and he’s only 4 to 1. Heard recently that someone bet on a double last year with the Chicago Cubs and drumf.

I suspect moanrinho is like he is with his poor players because he’s trying to compensate for his own playing inadequacies. And don’t get me going about the poppy bollocks, around a local town of ours giant poppies have been attached to almost every lamppost on the main roads. Won’t be too long that giant poppy madness reaches such proportions that they cause traffic accidents then there’ll be irate folk demanding this giant poppy madness ends closely followed by people going on about pc health and safety gone mad. Good to see the participants on last week’s Have I Got News For You not wear poppies, they will wear them this week. As Christmas extends it’s crass tentacles throughout the year won’t be long before people will be banged up by crazed nationalists for not wearing a poppy in may (not our unelected leaderene).

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



2 thoughts on “Poppycock.

  1. Yep, I have always had serious concerns about the repulsive poppies – I have never worn one of those cunts. Apart from anything else, all those that gave the ‘ultimate sacrifice’ in WWI achieved nothing other than causing WWII. They should therefore be condemned as enemies of humanity. Have I mentioned this before?


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