Goodbye Leonard

What an absolute contrast this week with the election of drumf followed by announcement of the death of Leonard Cohen: an absolutely obnoxious demagogue rises as a beautiful person departs.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



One thought on “Goodbye Leonard

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Leonard was a true gentleman. His words were never crass. His letter to Marianne before she died was very beautiful. He was generous and kind and recently gave his takings from Melbourne concerts to folk who had suffered from bush fires.Leonard even forgave his manager, despite emptying his bank account he allowed her to assist him with vocals on his next album!
    He was honest, humble, self effacing and acutely aware of his own flaws. We were lucky to have shared an evening with him in Bournemouth……and spent a lifetime being comforted by the wise words from a man that many didn’t get, or realise that he was not only charming, but also very, very funny.
    Bob Dylan knew a good poet when he saw one…….
    You’re our Man Leonard……RIP


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