We need to have a new category of psychological disturbance to describe what I and others feel when we see a picture of drumf and the grinning gargoyle.

So I just hear that boris de pfeffel twatface russian mole johnson exhorts us not to “prejudge” drumf. What the fuck! What more evidence do we need that drumf is so many bad things as he would simplistically assert. But then what do we expect. And the world gets worse, the mainstream media feeds our increasingly insatiable appetite for absolute crap, what has happened to the dear old BBC as it too succumbs to the neoliberal incubus and all we really hear and see is what the  right wing neoliberal neanderthals want us to hear and see. Again on the dear old beeb I hear this morning that drumf says “stop it” to the racists being racist as we get the all too predictable rise in racism, misogyny and hate unleashed by the unconscionable drumf. He is telling people to stop being racist, it is beyond satire, beyond belief, like telling your trigger finger to stop pulling the trigger as it sprays bullets all around. And then to see the grinning gargoyle standing with drumf in front of a really ugly doorway, and in that image of 2 white privileged elderly western males who are spraying their bile, puking their malicious shit (oh how I love mixing metaphors) over everyone, and I am developing a deep phobia, actually probably a psychological condition much worse than a mere phobia as I can imagine being covered with giant person-eating spiders in a very confined space with the birdy song playing at full volume as being preferable to ever again seeing that image of the 2 goodness destroying twats. Please David Attenborough, kill them both.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan, even in these dark times.



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