No amount of emollient can cover the shit.

As the western world splits asunder it is but a continuation of the “universe sundered ages ago in a divine war” and time we all take sides and pick the splinters out of our backsides. Trouble is which side do we choose? Already we have the emollience of drumf by those who want to keep or get power or keep their jobs, examples abound such as yesterday on Women’s Hour when after someone had stated, quite rightly, how horrendous drumf is the presenter poured the new emollient by stating immediately that many millions had voted for the fat fart. Even drumf is oozing emollience such as saying he won’t prosecute Hillary. This process of emollience is not soothing despite folk wanting it to appear so. drumf only really entered the presidential race to boost brand drumf and his childish ego and, much as boris de pfeffel twatface russian mole johnson the morning after the referendum, now finds himself in a position that he hadn’t really considered. But don’t be duped there are really nasty folk now in power such as brannen and the alt reich.

As Lindy West and others write it is giving white nationalists the opportunity to spout their shit, it is a continuation of the American civil war, and over here the white nationalist murderer of Jo Cox is on trial and offers no defence, one wonders why he gave no evidence.

And as for the grinning gargoyle, he extends the trumping metaphor as he comes out of trump’s arse as a shart (combination of a shit and a fart).

I’m off to make my own emollient.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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