Jam today, shit tomorrow.

As the world seems to unravel before our eyes, well at least to us sentient folk not wrapped in an unthinking fug of media mendacity and dancing balls (typical bollocks from an arrogant liberal, when these blogs are read by the grinning gargoyle’s thought police (now there’s an oxymoron) in the near future I’ll be hauled in front of the ‘people’s court’, all the previous learned judges having been incarcerated for having the temerity to apply the law, and found guilty of having blasphemed against brexit, fuhrer farage and tyrannical trump). And it’s in the everyday little things that confirm this unravelling, for example in a large Waitrose the other day I went to get a Grauniad and was confronted at eye level with a row of at least 5 piles of the mail, as I was contemplating this and muttering to myself a man came alongside and casually commented “having trouble choosing”, “no” said I, “just appalled at the lack of eye-level choice and the preponderance of the malignant mail”, he then picked a copy up with a weird smile on his mush. This is how it’s becoming, it is like actually living in an increasingly dystopian world, as if ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ is happening.

Many years ago I likened the change I observed in teaching colleagues as they changed their image, way of talking and general behaviour as they prepared for promotion to their having been in pods like in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I noted that in the most recent piece by ‘The Secret Teacher’ in the Grauniad they too use the same analogy, I am sometimes prescient and fear the coming of the grinning gargoyle’s people’s courts.

And, as in 1984 newspeak continues apace, although the use of the JAM acronym may not be technically newspeak it does speak of political bollocks and of course the old refrain of jam yesterday, jam tomorrow but never jam today. Already the initial speech and ‘aspirations’ (how I’ve come to loathe the term) of unelected premier may are unravelling: workers on boards of companies – of course not, greater pay equality – you’re having a laugh, support for the increasingly poor folk of this country – just whistle. The whole concept of the tts being on the side of working folk a tragic facade.

But in this rapidly unravelling world at least some things remain the same and the current unravelling of moanrinho the arrogant one a good example. He’ll be gone by Christmas.

So, here’s another song from The Oysterband who’s song title I’ve blatantly plagiarised, I still haven’t heard whether they can play at our bash next year.


Keep on keeping on, I’ve got to go and set up my pop up shop, love Duncan.


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