Perhaps we can really change things.

As we approach the end of a very weird year and discombobulation abounds, with anger and fear stalking the land. A tt born of jammy goldsmith senior gets unseated in prosperous Richmond, probably by an alliance as the Greens and the Women’s Equality Party didn’t field candidates and I suspect many Labour voters joined them despite a rigid party line. The ucrappers didn’t field a candidate to bolster jammy junior’s vote, (I still fail to fully understand why so many senior ucrappers are MEPs?). Now I’m sure that we might see a reversal of this in brexit voting areas and Labour struggling to hold on to their votes, but we live in strange times and who really knows? There’s another interesting by-election looming in Sleaford (up the Mods) with another tt resigning; he voted for brexit but resigned as he was unhappy with the unelected may government not respecting the sovereignty of parliament in debating and deciding on brexit’s course and also: “the continued shirking of our responsibility for unaccompanied child refugees who have been forced to flee war and conflict;“ and, “the way in which international aid is now apparently to be used other than to assist some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.” In my humble opinion we need another ‘progressive alliance’ and for the Liberals, Greens and others to support the Labour candidate, and if they win a more fulsome debate and consideration of a coalition of the willing who want a better world for all.

After yesterday’s Richmond result I doubt the unelected may will want an early election so there is probably time. Labour really need to think carefully about why so many of their taken for granted by the ‘westminster elite’ supporters voted for brexit. One useful avenue to explore is a more nuanced debate about the pervading sense of loss and powerlessness which is so effectively exploited by the tts and ucrappers and their racist scapegoating of immigrants. As more folk are dragged into the jammy life with pay stagnating, even reducing, the social contract falling apart, local amenities being cut and closed we really do need to take the debate to a very local, not parochial, level. So many were enervated by having a referendum vote to give the ‘elites’ a good kicking, they now smell blood and a dangerous mood released. Again on Question Time last night we witnessed mainly white men expressing great anger at Laurie Penny, someone I really like, for expressing views they unthinkingly reject, she tried to engage them directly but they just got angrier. To counter this is probably best done at a local level as national debates and certainly the ever narrowing online monocourses on faceache and the like are simply entrenching beliefs.

So off you go Swanage town council, time for you lot to really think about how you can properly represent and do your bit for the people you represent. Or maybe people just do it themselves.

And underlying this jammy situation the neoliberal kleptos about whom I’m learning more as I read ‘The Internet is not the Answer’, by one Andrew Keen, very good and enlightening read it is. We think the old boss was bad at the head of his, invariably it is a white man, conglomerate; the new bosses like thiel, bezos and the asocial zuckerberg are the ones really hoovering up the world’s money. At least the old bosses headed companies that employed large numbers of workers, these new tech companies employ so few and steal so much and increasingly the only social interface is between an individual and their little screen. The concept of social media is becoming increasingly antisocial, mirroring the narcissistic likes of the asocial thiel and zuckerberg and really facilitating the likes of drumf (I’m trying so hard not to mention him ever again, if we all totally ignore him there is the distinct possibility he’d just implode at the growing awareness that everyone is just ignoring him).

So, get on faceache and the like and create real social gatherings, with real face to face interaction, not this bollocks ‘facetime’ and the like.

I’m off to buy my first 3-D printer and enter 3.0 world and disrupt things even more to allow myself to join the ever smaller band of kleptos.

Steve Bell 04.12.12

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan


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