Amoebas and kleptogreen.

At a party the other night I got talking to an interesting old buffer, bit like me ‘cept for the interesting part, and his main hobby is microscopy. He told me something that has since boggled my little mind: that amoeba build houses for themselves out of sand. Now these little critters are supposedly ‘simple’ single-celled beasties and yet here they are building bleedin’ houses. They collect grains of sand with their pseudopodia and then stick them together to make things like this:


Now I have some scientific understanding but am boggled by the origins and other aspects of this phenomenon. Like which amoebae first had the idea of making a house, how did the ‘idea’ actually formulate in the wee beastie, how did they know or develop a way to glue the bits of sand together, how come they have the spatial awareness to put it together, which amoeba have started poncing off the others as landlords and estate agents ad infin bleedinitum. Of course some take the simple shortcut and put it down to the omniscient bearded white bloke. Others evolution, which is a neat theory in general terms but it doesn’t answer my boggled brain.

I mean, a supposedly simple, single-celled animal building a house. Puts the humble amoeba way above the bastards that exploit folk through such a basic need as housing.


What’s the difference between drumf and an amoeba?

An amoeba is way smarter as it builds it’s own house and doesn’t exploit others.

And why don’t we just sequester kleptogreen’s money and property, which he’s effectively stolen from BHS and it’s workers, and divvy it up amongst the workers?

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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