Brain salad psychic surgery.

One of my favourite albums for a while was Pictures at an Exhibition, pomp rock meets classical at it’s grandiose best. And another one bites the dust as Greg Lake joins his old mate Keith Emerson. Pretty good supergroup would have included just some of those who’ve died this year apart from Lake and Emerson: Bowie, Prince, Leon Russell, Leonard, Dave Swarbrick, Glenn Frey, Andy Newman and Dale Griffin (need a drummer). Probably my age, and of my peers, but there seem to have been an awful lot of folk dying this year. And I’m cogitating over whether to watch the grinning gargoyle and his ugly mush on Question Time tonight, to think that some of our licence fee goes to this deeply unpleasant shyster.

Anyway, had a lovely day in Bath today with my lovely daughter Grace, the Christmas Market was very impressive, maybe have Duncan’s Unctions there next year?

And the confession on Monday’s drivetime with Simon Mayo on radio 2, go on to BBC iplayer and go in 40 minutes and listen to a very funny Christmas story from a Dumfries woman called Gillian.

And my Christmas song for this year a cheery ditty by Martin Creed called It’s You play it and it will keep playing in your head.

And what to make of ‘psychic surgery’ eh? At a psychic and spiritual fair the other week I watched a ‘psychic surgeon’ ‘operate’ on a number of people laid on her couch. She would slowly bring her hands to the ‘patients’ heads, hold them near and with an intense look on her face slowly pull them away, move them towards the floor and shake her hands as if ridding stuff on them. I asked her if she was going to clear it up as people would be walking through it.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

One thought on “Brain salad psychic surgery.

  1. and now Bowie’s Major Glenn too ;-(. The Bath Christmas market is indeed rather cute. I went a few years ago. It’s amazing how just 100 miles from London you are in a different world. Was the slack rope walker there? Psychic brain surgery eh? I can think of a few candidates for the physical variety. Remember we are the 99% and they are the 1%. Merry Xmas to all men (and women) of goodwill!


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