How do I get my EU border pass?

In times when we seem to be looking for someone to guide us through the current madness I seem to be finding someone new daily. Yesterday it was Guy Verhofstad, a Belgian who is leading brexit negotiations for the EU. Apart from liking his hairstyle you’ve got to love him for the following:

On a more recent occasion he had a pop at drumf’s anal pimple by pointing out that farage’s claims of representing the ‘little man, the hard worker’ aren’t reflected by his having offshore accounts, not typically held by most citizens.

Having established the credentials of my mate Guy he’s just written a book outlining his vision for the future of Europe, ( he was interviewed by the increasingly annoying Evan Davies on Newsnight, and very rude was he to the urbane and enchanting Guy tripping out the boring tropes that so many interviewers are wont to do. Anyway, Guy made some pertinent points including the obvious that when Britain leaves the union it can’t then cherry pick the cherries that suit, another of the not thought through brexiteer bollocks. He also made the suggestion that those folk in dear old blighty who want to remain part of the EU can do on an individual basis. What a good idea eh? I immediately envisioned that those of us who do this can then still enjoy the progressive freedom of open borders, probably the main driver for the brexit vote. Just imagine at the borders those of us cheerily waltzing through and being welcomed by our continental neighbours whilst the brexiters queue up to have their papers checked, of course having previously to go through endless bureaucratic bollocks to get the papers.

Now there will be righteous revenge wrought on our return to the mother country as the new uk border control makes us freedom lovers pay, but if we apply some simple objectivity we’d soon realise the imbalance, the waste, the futility and then we could just have drumf’s anal pimple and ucrap’s new fuhrer nuttall manning the borders.

Spoke with my uncle a few days ago, he lives in Manhattan, he said it feels like a different country and is in some despair and very fearful of the future. It is deeply ironic that drumf talks about the world being a very scary place and with his words and actions immediately makes the world so. Now Betty has a brilliant opportunity to raise her status amongst us republicans, and probably others too, by saying she’d rather not entertain the manboy. What confusing times, I’m entreating a royal to snub a republican!

Still, have the rugby football to look forward to, wonder how brexit is discussed amongst the rugger fraternity? Suspect a fair amount of cognitive dissonance as certain rugger buggers extol brexit whilst sat in the bars of Paris, Dublin, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Rome.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


Ban all beds, stop this massacre and don’t let any more beds through our borders, build a bed wall.


Actually got the following table from a Kardashian tweet! And this carnage stops now! For too long we have tolerated this, it stops here, silentnight, dreams, we’ve been asleep at the wheel, it hasn’t been a dream this is a nightmare ……………

keep on keeping on, love Duncan.







Waterboard drumf.

Well, relief last Tuesday as the doc said all OK at my check up. Not happy with all this pre-check up tension, seems to be getting worse. Will have to explore ways of coping better.

And then there are the trolls, no not the sweet cuddly ones that live in caves or under bridges but the ugly ones that we never see, let alone let themselves be known , who write anonymously online. Seems I only get these crawling from under their stones and writing their shit when I write about cambian, makes one wonder if kleptosaria is supporting them but more likely individuals who have some beef with me.

Sadly I get quite excited when a blog-related email pops up and I anticipate a comment from a friend which might make me laugh or cry or sagely nod my head. So when it’s from one of our trolling friends it causes different emotions. Part of me wants to engage and have discourse, any chance trolls? Part of me is angered and wants to write acerbic responses. Part of me thinks perhaps I should stop writing as it is upsetting reading unpleasant stuff, but then I dish out bollocks about others so should expect some bollocks back. These trolls also go to some trouble, the latest sets up a new email account called ‘dunc smith’, shame they can’t just go that little bit further use their actual name and discuss like an adult.

And someone who does actually use their name in discourse is right wing American talk show host Glenn Beck who has been dissing drumf, his latest this morning on the toady wireless show. He is questioning the way people talk to each other and regrets the way he has spoken in the past. He said he was unsettled by the neediness of drumf in wanting to appear the ‘best’, said he stayed in a room at trump’s estate in which there was an enormous picture of trump the tennis player. How long before we have giant posters of him plastered all over the world?

And there’s our unelected prime minister over there now telling drumf she ain’t happy with all this torture stuff. When I first heard it earlier this week I immediately imagined drumf being waterboarded and him telling the truth. But delving marginally deeper one wonders what his ‘truth’ would be?

So, my tone this blog is slightly elevated with a few haughty ‘ones’ to sadly effect a higher tone than mr, I assume it’s a mr, troll. Again any chance of revealing yourself and discoursing?


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


A humming of humans.

So, there was I with my mates Stan, Steve, Steph, Stacy, Stu, Stella, Stigmata, Stanislava, Stefan, Stygian and Dave (Starling, I played with him at Rosslyn Park) winging our way from Wareham, where we’d been hanging out for the day, to gather and look at the ever increasing mass of humans and their shiny metal machines gathering below us. It was a wonderful sight to see so many as they huddle together in ever larger masses and crane their necks skywards, make lovely  humming”ooh” and “aah” noises as we flew by. We often wonder why they do this, the latest theory is that it’s a rebellion against seeing so much of the world via a screen and to be actually outside experiencing some real life. Anyway, one of the humans got a great action shot of me:


that’s me 3628th from the right.

And there were way more of us than attended manboy’s inauguration last Friday, what’s that, kellyanne conway informs me “that’s an alternative fact”. That’s what she said when interviewed about drumf’s press officer saying the media lied about the numbers:

And wikileaks are falling out already with drumf as they want to publicise his tax returns, the last time the public were made aware of his tax returns was for 1995 when he lost $916m and he wore a ridiculously long tie on Friday, it’s the old inverse relationship with penis size.

drumf and bunter, both russian stooges.

“The old rule of thumb for a republic is that all points of view and methods of politics can be endured except the one that denies rule of law in the republic. This alone can and should be treated as a threat, as if coming from outside. During the presidential campaign, Trump went on record, repeatedly, steadily, and memorably in front of us all — in the debates, in the press, in his campaign communications — to register that he would not obey the norms of the republic. He would not submit to the rule of law, and he would not act in the interests of the republic as a citizen. He would not submit to the result of the election, or a smooth succession, if he lost the vote. He did not acknowledge the independence of the judiciary. He had not paid his share of taxes to the state. He would not separate his policies from personal enrichment. In this sense, he was like many of his class. Trump served a salutary function as long as he was not elected, in showing the compromises and corruptions of American society in his own person. He could say, and show, that the “system was rigged” and corrupt because he had done his best to make it so.

“I alone can fix our nation because I have contributed at the highest level to its destruction and corruption” is not an admission that can command loyalty or legitimacy. It is a whistle-blowing admission that forfeits standing. Trump can only be understood, paradoxically, as an enemy of the republic, who, through a series of adventures and surprises, has been awarded its highest office. His insinuation during the campaign that critics and genuine whistle-blowers would be subject to retribution once he was elected makes this recognition urgent. His selection of the fascist Stephen Bannon as chief strategist further underscores his seriousness about these issues. This is what differentiates Trump, an illegitimate individual gaining the coercive powers of the chief executive. He is not an ordinary, merely “Republican” President.

The thing before our eyes, in other words, is the installation of an extralegal and extrajudicial personality into the presidency — an office that has been expanded, through Republican and Democratic administrations, decade after decade, to dangerous excesses of power.”    From the latest N+1 editorial, and why every time we hear or read apologists and the like saying stuff like “we need to just get on with him and maybe he’ll be OK” to simply point out how illegitimate he is.

Drove to the wonderful Mount Somerset Hotel on Saturday to celebrate Kate’s birthday and it was even better than the first time we went. What upset me a little was driving along the A358 nearing the hotel and seeing the roadside devastation caused by the machines that chew up the wayside vegetation leaving it looking desolated and despoiled.

And now I can’t eat burnt toast anymore, and worse, much worse, crispy roast potatoes, maybe I’ll have a chat with the doc tomorrow at my check up.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


Snake Oil

It’s been the longest time yet for me between check ups and my next one is due a week tomorrow, already I am getting anxious and having the odd sleepless night convincing myself that any pain in my body is a sign of cancer. And as one enters their seventh decade on Earth the old body experiences more aches and pains to worry about. I’m also beating myself up because the appointment is on Kate’s birthday, how solipsistic am I?

I also did my first talk about myself and my unction with a lovely cancer support group, The Living Tree, in Bridport. Found my self choking up when I began talking about my crabby experience, especially when recounting how we were given the diagnosis and my realisation of how hard it was going to be for Kate. Anyway, I enjoyed the experience and want to repeat it with other groups. Though on reflection all the crabby talk and being with a bunch of crabby folk does rekindle stuff and the timing just before my next check up probably gives the old anxiety a bit of a boost. Still, made some new friends and given a few new contacts and opportunities to spread my unction, as it were.

Yesterday spent a long day at a place called the Littledown Centre in Bournemouth spreading my unction at an event called Zest4life. Did OK and it started with a friendly psychic medium coming over and telling me how well my unction has been treating her child’s skin, I didn’t foresee that. What I also didn’t foresee was my little stall being placed next to another flogging some silver infused water that cures all manner of bodily stuff including all my unctuous claims. And their stall looked more ‘professional’, and there were 2 of them, and they were more ‘aggressive’ in their grabbing of punters and I started stewing, I’m still quite an immature person despite approaching my seventh decade. After stewing a while I approached next door Dick, we’d already exchanged pleasantries during which I’d said how I occasionally get bored and call out “get your snake oil here”, “ooh, you don’t want to put punters off” he replied, anyway I asked him about their product, he goes into his spiel going on about electrolysis, silver, the purest water, how all bad bacteria are negatively charged and the positively charged colloidal silver gets rid of all the bad bacteria and so on. Got a degree in immunology (slight exaggeration) boast I, I’m a water engineer ripostes he as I want to know more about how this colloidal silver actually gets rid of bad bacteria, fortunately punters need puntering so we separate. I go back to my less professional stall and get my phone out to look up colloidal silver claims. For a start the very scientific term colloidal simply means a bit of insoluble stuff is dispersed in another, like water. There are then many grand claims for the effects of colloidal silver on the body, particularly the immune system. These seem to be extrapolated from some facts such as silver can act as an antiseptic and is used in dressings and to coat medical equipment to keep it free of nasty bugs. What is not supported by any clinical evidence is that it can do any of the grander claims, such as curing cancer and making your immune system capable of fighting off all baddies. Sad git aren’t I? But I did learn something quite interesting in that an excess of silver, which is not an essential bodily mineral, can cause something called argyria and this turns your body blue and it has been posited that this is why royals are called ‘bluebloods’ because they ate and drank so much from silverware.

Anyway, I ended up giving the silver lady an unction sample, ooh er missus, and felt guilty about thinking them being real snake oil salesfolk. But they did cost me a fair amount of trade, I’ll learn from it though.

So, is the sight of gove with manbaby worse than manbaby with the gargoyle?

Garry Glitter is playing at the manboy’s inauguration.

And I’ve just been accepted to be a marine volunteer warden at Kimmeridge Marine Nature Reserve, although I had got the fancy that it was for a marine volunteer ranger and I’d get a ranger uniform and badge.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan

The sad demise of Purbeck View School: part 2.

I am writing this with a heavy heart. In past blogs when I’ve written about my old workplace, Purbeck View School, they were driven more by anger; of the top down management inflicted on a loyal and committed bunch of workers, of the greed of kleptosaria, boss of owners cambian, and the ignorant bollocks I was expected to do as a teacher in the current educational environment. Over the years I witnessed a school that had a caring ethos and did good work with many challenging young folk and really helped their families become ever more compromised by the pressures from a private company extracting more wealth from the public realm and government agencies imposing constant change that rarely improved our work or the lives of the students.

The last time I wrote in August was about the typical top down changes imposed on the workforce that led to a large number of staff leave at the same time. Over the course of the last term staffing and staff morale have been dire, there has been, and still is a reliance on large numbers of agency staff, this is more costly and has a drastic effect on the students and the regular staff. People with autism typically need consistency and predictability so having a succession of new staff to deal with and the ones they know increasingly stressed, tired and demotivated has a very negative effect.

The largely arrogant one who was apparently instrumental in imposing the changes has disappeared, legend has it that they were escorted off the school premises which is an all too typical occurrence in the cambian climate. There are different theories as to the reason or reasons but as is typical with the company secrecy abounds. When will these people learn that an open organisation works better than a closed one.

Now there are people who would rather I didn’t write such stuff, I would rather that I didn’t feel the need to write such stuff. But when companies and institutions operate in ways that are deleterious to staff and clients things should be aired, ideally with an air of purpose. And this purpose should be to make things better, it’s actually quite simple. There should be running throughout an institution such as a school respect and proper inclusion of all. As the jargon goes all should have a stake, not a ‘select few at the top’ driving their large stake through the heart of the institution.

In my humble opinion this is what happens when a rapacious private company gets it’s talons into public services, it rips out the heart and drains the money which should properly be going towards giving the vulnerable students the best possible service.

The school is due an ofsted inspection in the near future and will be in a frenzied state as schools often are just prior to an inspection. Some in ‘senior positions’ if they can be arsed to read my bollocks will claim I am making things worse. My riposte to such a claim would be to just reflect a little and try and reframe things, some attribution training might help.

A while ago I developed the idea that Purbeck View School would be much better off running itself; cambian are a poor employer and kleptosaria mainly in it for himself and his wealthbeing, you’ll be pleased to know that the share price has picked up lately and that there will be a dividend paid to shareholders soon after the sale of the adult services (remember at the time of the ipo kleptosaria helped himself to a few million shares, what a misnomer eh? shares, not a lot of sharing actually goes on) unless the current mergers investigation changes things. Just think, all the monies paid in by various local authorities and some individual parents would just go towards the students, staff and facilities. Don’t be so naive Duncan that’s not how the world works, it’s our role to service the likes of kleptosaria. Ah, one can but dream.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.