How would you spend your Christmas dole bonus?

Now armed with my new ways of sensing the world around me and trying to understand stuff within my addled bonce (assuming, of course, that the bonce is where it’s at) I attempt to view the world anew. And for once I am heartened by comments made by folk on the Grauniad’s website about an article by one Phil McDuff, good name that, inspired by pipsqeak schofield’s judging ill of a woman on benefits for spending a few quid on a couple of bottles of prosecco at Christmas:

It’s like A Christmas Carol in the new year days after the average ceo has already earned what the average worker takes a year to earn.

Anyway, I digress, the comments did make me chuckle with a number of folk saying how they spend their Christmas dole bonus on Frosty Jacks, crack, weed, crystal meth, krokodil and so on. So just laugh with impunity at the mealy mouthed moralisers who do the tt’s work for them.

And in this fucked up world we are about to have a fart become the ‘world’s most powerful person’ who’s idea of charity is to set up a charity to which he has given no money of his own for many years, rewards the larger donors with positions in government, uses the money to pay off his many litigation costs and, most egregiously, to buy portraits of himself to display in his ugly buildings. Now isn’t that last perhaps the most apposite summing up of the nature of drumf? Moralise on that pipsqueak.

Kate is feeling sad as her eldest baby is about to properly embark on his life’s journey, soon we’ll only have one of our brood left and not too long before Ruby will be off too and Kate is worrying how we’ll be with just the two of us rattling around, well at the moment I’m not rattling too much as I’ve knackered my back, but I, especially in my new mood of aesthetic and perfection seeking in the world, am looking forward to what life has to offer before I get too knackered or die and of writing even longer sentences.

I too felt a little sad earlier in the week as I packed up my little pop up shop, even sadder when I cricked my back moving a heavy box of books, all that heavy reading, some sort of metaphor in there. Still, looking forward to today’s random act of kindness, wonder what it will be?

Also wonder what happened to all my manifesto suggestions? Why did they stop?

And r.i.p. John Berger, he really changed the way many of us viewed things.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



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