Malevolent headlights.

Took Grace back to Bath yesterday and felt so sad again driving back without her, my flippant defensive shell is barely a veneer and it’s hit me harder than I expected. But my tears were soon replaced as I experienced yet again the increasing displeasure of driving at night along the A roads of Wiltshire and Dorset, although it’s not the roads or the counties but the latest vogue in headlight design and brightness. Even dipped some headlights are exceptionally bright and particularly dazzling. What I find more unsettling though are the newer designs with their more angular look, the rows of little lights making them look like malevolent eyes. To see such lights close up in one’s rearview mirror, the ‘demonic eyes’ of the headlights bearing down on you I find deeply unsettling.

And as we’ve known for a long while driving gives the more inadequate amongst us a feeling of power that disturbs even more. And we respond and it isn’t good and I don’t like all the conflicting thoughts and feelings I have. But why the seemingly deliberate malevolence of the headlight designs? Possibly they are reflecting our increasingly unsettled times, a foretelling of the populist demons being unleashed through the likes of drumf and the gargoyle.

And as I listen to Bowie and read about Meryl Streep’s speech calling out the bullying man-baby drumf more tears come to my eyes; many of us have dreamed of unsettling and even changing the elite and suddenly we have drumf and the gargoyle claiming to do this. Never in my name you inadequate fuckers.

It is funny though that no one of any note has agreed to play at baby drumf’s inauguration.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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