There’s always a ………… going round.

It’s that time of year which actually now seems like a year round phenomenon that whenever someone has a cold, flu, chest infection, sore throat, or whatever a cry goes up that “there’s a …………………going round”, just insert whatever ailment. Why do we do this? Sometimes there is a specific viral epidemic, but these get particular names such as Spanish flu or more recently ‘bird flu’ and I don’t think that during these people say “there’s a bit of a bug going around”, or “there’s a bit of zika going round” except in that very English ironic way.

I suppose we speak this way to provide some sort of empathy for the malingerer. And for a while now I’ve been pissed off with the term ‘man flu’, I know it sort of redresses the historical imbalance in a very small way with all the hysterical shit that’s been dumped on womenfolk, except you don’t right wrongs by perpetrating new wrongs.

But we follow the memes like unthinking Artiodactyla.

Anyway, much as I’m boggled by the likes of house building amoeba I still clearly remember being boggled by a graphic representation of how a virus looks and takes over a cell. It looked to me like a space craft landing on the surface of a planet into which it drilled to implant it’s viral mechanism which then took over the ‘host’ cell’s reproductive apparatus, this is a similar picture: viralrepb

The following is a more up to date representation of a virus and it still looks like a space capsule:


And this is an electronmicroscopic picture of one;f8aaeef9c03da0dea72d243a47d66f0a

and it still looks like a space capsule and we still can’t land a space probe effectively on mars. It’s a god-awful small affair, just like the man baby’s penis.

What’s the difference between the man baby and bacteria?

Most bacteria do good.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



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