Ressentiment is driving reactionary populism.

So, my ‘new’ chemo-addled brain is awash with so much stuff coming at me from screens, radios, print and alien probes. And being the being that I am I want to ‘make sense’ of it all, is this common to other folk? This meme I’m attempting to explore is nebulous and potentially involves almost everything my little bonce can think of.

Last night I went to my weekly T’ai Chi lesson with my master Paul, I use the term master adjectivally as ‘someone having or showing very great skill or proficiency’. We always begin talking about what we’ve been doing and it is increasingly developing into our thoughts, even beliefs, about our worlds. It became clear last night that we operate very differently with regard to ‘news’ and what’s ‘happening’; Paul’s desire is to live a very simple life on a Pacific Island and not be surrounded by all the media bollocks, I immerse myself in the media swillage (another name for beer, but here I use as the media sewage that swills around us). So pretty polar opposites and yet we converse freely and comfortably.

And T’ai Chi, or more particularly the Qi Gong I’m beginning to learn, is also a polar opposite to the swillage I swim in. To watch the manboy give his first ‘press conference’ really boggles the brain and causes a swillage tsunami. Leading up to last year’s election I read and listened to many people with different persuasions but one who really impressed me was one Sam Harris, an American philosopher and neuroscientist, who tried so very hard to prevent the manboy winning. He, like the manboy, uses modern media to convey his thoughts, although thinking about what I’ve just written giving the manboy’s twitterage the credence of thought is a stretch. And watching and listening to the manboy’s conference all that Mr Harris was trying to warn us about clarified in front of our eyes, it’s all a sick joke. For example, he has a trolley load of manilla files wheeled out and says that this sorts out the ethical issue of him separating his business interests from his new role as president. It is truly farcical. The USA has a stark choice right now; either to allow him to continue and a whole nation, even world, to descend into a hellish nightmare or impeach the fucker. And Mr Harris provides a lovely counterpoint to the manboy with their respective use of social media. And as I explore recent Sam Harris stuff I click on a twitter link and am reminded that I too have a twitter account (monsieurlesponge) and I have some followers.

Anyway I digress, too easy with the manboy.

So I’m listening to Melvyn Bragg and assorted philosophers discussing Nietsche, who’s reputation has been divested of it’s nazi links (apparently after he died his anti-semitic sister used some of his work to promote her anti-semitism and the rest is history), and they discuss ressentiment, a psychological state of resentment resulting from feelings of envy, hatred and injustice:      Something I’ve suffered from for much of my adult life and has driven part of my belief system. And as I follow links I come across a philosopher named Scheler and this statement:

“Scheler, who also was skeptical over the historically emerging unchecked power of mass culture and the prevalence and leveling power of mediocrity upon ethical standards”,

which he expressed over a century ago, and is so beautifully evidenced by the likes of gargoyle and manboy.

Anyway I’m off to try and repeat the new Qi Gong sequence I learned last night.


Keep on ressentimenting on, love Duncan.


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