The sad demise of Purbeck View School: part 2.

I am writing this with a heavy heart. In past blogs when I’ve written about my old workplace, Purbeck View School, they were driven more by anger; of the top down management inflicted on a loyal and committed bunch of workers, of the greed of kleptosaria, boss of owners cambian, and the ignorant bollocks I was expected to do as a teacher in the current educational environment. Over the years I witnessed a school that had a caring ethos and did good work with many challenging young folk and really helped their families become ever more compromised by the pressures from a private company extracting more wealth from the public realm and government agencies imposing constant change that rarely improved our work or the lives of the students.

The last time I wrote in August was about the typical top down changes imposed on the workforce that led to a large number of staff leave at the same time. Over the course of the last term staffing and staff morale have been dire, there has been, and still is a reliance on large numbers of agency staff, this is more costly and has a drastic effect on the students and the regular staff. People with autism typically need consistency and predictability so having a succession of new staff to deal with and the ones they know increasingly stressed, tired and demotivated has a very negative effect.

The largely arrogant one who was apparently instrumental in imposing the changes has disappeared, legend has it that they were escorted off the school premises which is an all too typical occurrence in the cambian climate. There are different theories as to the reason or reasons but as is typical with the company secrecy abounds. When will these people learn that an open organisation works better than a closed one.

Now there are people who would rather I didn’t write such stuff, I would rather that I didn’t feel the need to write such stuff. But when companies and institutions operate in ways that are deleterious to staff and clients things should be aired, ideally with an air of purpose. And this purpose should be to make things better, it’s actually quite simple. There should be running throughout an institution such as a school respect and proper inclusion of all. As the jargon goes all should have a stake, not a ‘select few at the top’ driving their large stake through the heart of the institution.

In my humble opinion this is what happens when a rapacious private company gets it’s talons into public services, it rips out the heart and drains the money which should properly be going towards giving the vulnerable students the best possible service.

The school is due an ofsted inspection in the near future and will be in a frenzied state as schools often are just prior to an inspection. Some in ‘senior positions’ if they can be arsed to read my bollocks will claim I am making things worse. My riposte to such a claim would be to just reflect a little and try and reframe things, some attribution training might help.

A while ago I developed the idea that Purbeck View School would be much better off running itself; cambian are a poor employer and kleptosaria mainly in it for himself and his wealthbeing, you’ll be pleased to know that the share price has picked up lately and that there will be a dividend paid to shareholders soon after the sale of the adult services (remember at the time of the ipo kleptosaria helped himself to a few million shares, what a misnomer eh? shares, not a lot of sharing actually goes on) unless the current mergers investigation changes things. Just think, all the monies paid in by various local authorities and some individual parents would just go towards the students, staff and facilities. Don’t be so naive Duncan that’s not how the world works, it’s our role to service the likes of kleptosaria. Ah, one can but dream.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



2 thoughts on “The sad demise of Purbeck View School: part 2.

  1. I love how candid your blog is Duncan, truthful, factual, witty, empathetic and open. As a former employee of Purbeck view school for ten years and having worked in your class for two years I can totally attest your integrity and truthful account of the schools demise and the part played by the former unnamed head honcho! When I started work there it was owned by Hesley, while they were no means perfect they stood by their ethos far more than Cambian did, took better care of their students and staff so the level of consistency and care was far higher, the staff turnover far less than it is now, and a better level of training, Cambian slowly but surely sucked the life out of the school, took away the integrity of the place and treated staff and students increasingly more like inmates, took away a higher standard of training yet accepted far more complex cases,those of which staff were ill prepared to take care of… all over seen ( in one way or another and in a few different guises by the ‘incredible disappearing’ boss person, on a personal level the place became a hotbed for gossip and drama too! I hadn’t realised how much it had been so detrimental a place to work for on a personal level until I no longer worked there and felt the weight of my conscience lift at knowing I wasn’t prepared enough to accommodate the complex needs of some, regardless of it not being my own fault it still had weighed heavy,
    I enjoy reading your post pvs and post ‘the big c ‘ ( if that’s possible ) adventures in small business running.
    Keep on keeping on Duncan


  2. Jules, thanks for your thoughtful comment. I have been asked in the past by certain folk to not write about the school because ‘people read my blog and are influenced by what I write’. I doubt I have much influence but, more to the point, I’d much rather I didn’t feel the need to write what I do. cambian are a crock of shit, their mission statement: ‘To actively enable each and every one of the people in our care to achieve their personal best, however it is defined by them or for them.’ is bollocks, every day I worked there I experienced examples of that bollockness.
    Anyway Jules, good luck in your new life and keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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