A humming of humans.

So, there was I with my mates Stan, Steve, Steph, Stacy, Stu, Stella, Stigmata, Stanislava, Stefan, Stygian and Dave (Starling, I played with him at Rosslyn Park) winging our way from Wareham, where we’d been hanging out for the day, to gather and look at the ever increasing mass of humans and their shiny metal machines gathering below us. It was a wonderful sight to see so many as they huddle together in ever larger masses and crane their necks skywards, make lovely  humming”ooh” and “aah” noises as we flew by. We often wonder why they do this, the latest theory is that it’s a rebellion against seeing so much of the world via a screen and to be actually outside experiencing some real life. Anyway, one of the humans got a great action shot of me:


that’s me 3628th from the right.

And there were way more of us than attended manboy’s inauguration last Friday, what’s that, kellyanne conway informs me “that’s an alternative fact”. That’s what she said when interviewed about drumf’s press officer saying the media lied about the numbers: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/video/2017/jan/22/kellyanne-conway-trump-press-secretary-alternative-facts-video

And wikileaks are falling out already with drumf as they want to publicise his tax returns, the last time the public were made aware of his tax returns was for 1995 when he lost $916m and he wore a ridiculously long tie on Friday, it’s the old inverse relationship with penis size.

drumf and bunter, both russian stooges.

“The old rule of thumb for a republic is that all points of view and methods of politics can be endured except the one that denies rule of law in the republic. This alone can and should be treated as a threat, as if coming from outside. During the presidential campaign, Trump went on record, repeatedly, steadily, and memorably in front of us all — in the debates, in the press, in his campaign communications — to register that he would not obey the norms of the republic. He would not submit to the rule of law, and he would not act in the interests of the republic as a citizen. He would not submit to the result of the election, or a smooth succession, if he lost the vote. He did not acknowledge the independence of the judiciary. He had not paid his share of taxes to the state. He would not separate his policies from personal enrichment. In this sense, he was like many of his class. Trump served a salutary function as long as he was not elected, in showing the compromises and corruptions of American society in his own person. He could say, and show, that the “system was rigged” and corrupt because he had done his best to make it so.

“I alone can fix our nation because I have contributed at the highest level to its destruction and corruption” is not an admission that can command loyalty or legitimacy. It is a whistle-blowing admission that forfeits standing. Trump can only be understood, paradoxically, as an enemy of the republic, who, through a series of adventures and surprises, has been awarded its highest office. His insinuation during the campaign that critics and genuine whistle-blowers would be subject to retribution once he was elected makes this recognition urgent. His selection of the fascist Stephen Bannon as chief strategist further underscores his seriousness about these issues. This is what differentiates Trump, an illegitimate individual gaining the coercive powers of the chief executive. He is not an ordinary, merely “Republican” President.

The thing before our eyes, in other words, is the installation of an extralegal and extrajudicial personality into the presidency — an office that has been expanded, through Republican and Democratic administrations, decade after decade, to dangerous excesses of power.”    From the latest N+1 editorial, and why every time we hear or read apologists and the like saying stuff like “we need to just get on with him and maybe he’ll be OK” to simply point out how illegitimate he is.

Drove to the wonderful Mount Somerset Hotel on Saturday to celebrate Kate’s birthday and it was even better than the first time we went. What upset me a little was driving along the A358 nearing the hotel and seeing the roadside devastation caused by the machines that chew up the wayside vegetation leaving it looking desolated and despoiled.

And now I can’t eat burnt toast anymore, and worse, much worse, crispy roast potatoes, maybe I’ll have a chat with the doc tomorrow at my check up.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



2 thoughts on “A humming of humans.

    1. Thanks AYM, hope things good your end. Check up fine despite another sleepless night am celebrating with burnt roast pots on burnt toast and champagne for Kate’s b’day xxx


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