Waterboard drumf.

Well, relief last Tuesday as the doc said all OK at my check up. Not happy with all this pre-check up tension, seems to be getting worse. Will have to explore ways of coping better.

And then there are the trolls, no not the sweet cuddly ones that live in caves or under bridges but the ugly ones that we never see, let alone let themselves be known , who write anonymously online. Seems I only get these crawling from under their stones and writing their shit when I write about cambian, makes one wonder if kleptosaria is supporting them but more likely individuals who have some beef with me.

Sadly I get quite excited when a blog-related email pops up and I anticipate a comment from a friend which might make me laugh or cry or sagely nod my head. So when it’s from one of our trolling friends it causes different emotions. Part of me wants to engage and have discourse, any chance trolls? Part of me is angered and wants to write acerbic responses. Part of me thinks perhaps I should stop writing as it is upsetting reading unpleasant stuff, but then I dish out bollocks about others so should expect some bollocks back. These trolls also go to some trouble, the latest sets up a new email account called ‘dunc smith’, shame they can’t just go that little bit further use their actual name and discuss like an adult.

And someone who does actually use their name in discourse is right wing American talk show host Glenn Beck who has been dissing drumf, his latest this morning on the toady wireless show. He is questioning the way people talk to each other and regrets the way he has spoken in the past. He said he was unsettled by the neediness of drumf in wanting to appear the ‘best’, said he stayed in a room at trump’s estate in which there was an enormous picture of trump the tennis player. How long before we have giant posters of him plastered all over the world?

And there’s our unelected prime minister over there now telling drumf she ain’t happy with all this torture stuff. When I first heard it earlier this week I immediately imagined drumf being waterboarded and him telling the truth. But delving marginally deeper one wonders what his ‘truth’ would be?

So, my tone this blog is slightly elevated with a few haughty ‘ones’ to sadly effect a higher tone than mr, I assume it’s a mr, troll. Again any chance of revealing yourself and discoursing?


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



One thought on “Waterboard drumf.

  1. Hey Duncan, so glad your check up went well that is such good news. Glad that you and Kate enjoyed her birthday, a well deserved break for both of you. As to the trolling matter, all i can say is “the truth hurts”. I find it amazing that anyone could be trolling you and saying such awful things. Sadly everywhere I go in Swanage there are more dreadful stories emanating from that place. Another Consultation long standing Managers leaving etc. Anyway we all know the truth don’t we, not that it makes us feel any better, just sad!. xxxx


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