How do I get my EU border pass?

In times when we seem to be looking for someone to guide us through the current madness I seem to be finding someone new daily. Yesterday it was Guy Verhofstad, a Belgian who is leading brexit negotiations for the EU. Apart from liking his hairstyle you’ve got to love him for the following:

On a more recent occasion he had a pop at drumf’s anal pimple by pointing out that farage’s claims of representing the ‘little man, the hard worker’ aren’t reflected by his having offshore accounts, not typically held by most citizens.

Having established the credentials of my mate Guy he’s just written a book outlining his vision for the future of Europe, ( he was interviewed by the increasingly annoying Evan Davies on Newsnight, and very rude was he to the urbane and enchanting Guy tripping out the boring tropes that so many interviewers are wont to do. Anyway, Guy made some pertinent points including the obvious that when Britain leaves the union it can’t then cherry pick the cherries that suit, another of the not thought through brexiteer bollocks. He also made the suggestion that those folk in dear old blighty who want to remain part of the EU can do on an individual basis. What a good idea eh? I immediately envisioned that those of us who do this can then still enjoy the progressive freedom of open borders, probably the main driver for the brexit vote. Just imagine at the borders those of us cheerily waltzing through and being welcomed by our continental neighbours whilst the brexiters queue up to have their papers checked, of course having previously to go through endless bureaucratic bollocks to get the papers.

Now there will be righteous revenge wrought on our return to the mother country as the new uk border control makes us freedom lovers pay, but if we apply some simple objectivity we’d soon realise the imbalance, the waste, the futility and then we could just have drumf’s anal pimple and ucrap’s new fuhrer nuttall manning the borders.

Spoke with my uncle a few days ago, he lives in Manhattan, he said it feels like a different country and is in some despair and very fearful of the future. It is deeply ironic that drumf talks about the world being a very scary place and with his words and actions immediately makes the world so. Now Betty has a brilliant opportunity to raise her status amongst us republicans, and probably others too, by saying she’d rather not entertain the manboy. What confusing times, I’m entreating a royal to snub a republican!

Still, have the rugby football to look forward to, wonder how brexit is discussed amongst the rugger fraternity? Suspect a fair amount of cognitive dissonance as certain rugger buggers extol brexit whilst sat in the bars of Paris, Dublin, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Rome.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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