Let’s allow these manboy apologists their right to free speech as long as they understand tha……………

Just returned from taking an elderly gentleman, well older than me, to hospital for an appointment. Transpired we share the same birthday, what are the odds of that? About 365 to 1.

Another senior manager gone from Purbeck View School, someone who had dedicated their lives to the school way above and beyond the norm. I’m sure, contemplating their dedication and commitment, that it was a very difficult decision. I wish them well in their retirement. Wish kleptosaria would retire.

Interesting reading and listening to right wing commentators and pundits having a go at all those folk who can be arsed to get off their arses to protest, particularly of late to express their fears and displeasure at manboy and co. (might adopt that as a company name, has a certain ring). They say that it’s disrespectful, not acknowledging manboy’s mandate (in his head the biggest mandate in history), that it is pointless, will have no effect and other really deep and insightful bollocks.

If one takes a little while to actually think about what’s happening it soon becomes clear that such protests by the people are an essence of democracy. It is the demos. What is also the case is that these are usually protests by liberal, left leaning folk and others who typically want a better world for themselves and others. Whenever socially enlightened, liberal and left leaning governments implement, or try to implement, socially progressive policies we don’t typically get any mass protests. Only exception I can think of is when the ‘countryside alliance’ took to the streets to object about their ‘right’ to chase and kill poor little mammals being taken from their mucky maws. And the anti-Iraq marches, maybe.

Why is this I ponder. Could it be because the powerful kleptos just have their cheerleaders in the various media, the lobby and p.r. companies who will twist and shout and manipulate. We are now approaching the endgame as the current phase of western democracy comes to a violent end. And as the coup in yankland continues their first amendment is being split asunder:


Do these twats, such as piers drumfarsepimple, actually understand what they are actually saying? If they do then they are being treasonable, as brexiteers have suggested about Kenneth Clarke for making a pro-EU argument. These fuckers want it only their way. Just think what won the elections for manboy and brexit:


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



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