Motiveless malingering.

Still recovering from a weekend trip, lots of driving but a lovely time and I met someone who had listened to hitler live. This person has had, and continues to have, a remarkable life and it is life affirming to meet such people, a good antidote to the so-called president’s bollocks. Suppose the tiny handed twat could be described as a malingerer as he uses a range of fabrication to avoid stuff; he did it to avoid military service, avoid taxes, avoid certain situations because of germophobia and general avoidance of any personal responsibility.

Heard the term ‘motiveless malingerer’ on the wireless this morning during a discussion about a woman’s study and writing about self harm. It was used by doctors (all men) to describe women who self harm because, as ever, even with self harm there is a sexual difference. Men self harm and malinger to avoid something tangible like duty and work, however women’s self harm is motiveless malingering, they’re just being hysterical and don’t even have a manly reason like shirking work.

And malingering is spreading, as it typically does with a tory government. With the tory lead coalition back in power in 2010 and their attack on the welfare state we were subjected to various propaganda about the malingerers, the shirkers, the undeserving. Now with a pure tory government and the brexit bollocks expect even more; immigrants, the ‘other’ are and will be used ever more to justify the further destruction of the state.

One thing that continues to amaze me is how so many people seem unable to make the simple correlation between a tory government and a crisis in the health service. Still all will be sorted with the orange malingerer doing deals to allow american companies to exploit our health service.

Began my new regular Monday volunteer driving of a gentleman with Alzheimer’s to a place where various folk like him can do supported activities, such as growing vegetables. It is a really good place doing good work, another antidote to the political crap. Have put a few future dates in my diary in case I forget.

Although I have general antipathy towards the tories I have to write that I am admiring old Ken Clarke and jolly Jon Bercow of late.


Good advice, keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



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