Let’s spread some good viruses.

How do we create a better world? Well for a start we can get rid of the human arrogance implicit in my question. The world exists quite happily, although that’s a tad anthropomorphic, as it is, just the virus that is humankind tends to fuck it up. And we now have a viral mutation that has evolved and is really threatening our existence, generically it is a nationalpopulistic virus with particular cancerous types such as trumpovirus, faragovirus and lepenovirus. Sadly these are very virulent strains and ideally they are best treated with complete isolation, especially from any media outlets such as twitter.

Treatment should also include shining bright fact lights which should be shone directly through vectors such as mainstream media, and any outbreaks of cancerous bile, such as through twitter either ignored or treated with contempt or disdain. Other vectors such as weird spokespersons (spicervirus, conwayvirus and nuttalsvirus are examples) should be treated with laughter.

Whilst we can look for a saviour to ride forth I think much of the answer lies within ourselves to take more control from within our own communities. As George Monbiot begins his latest article in the Grauniad:”Without community, politics is dead”. He asserts that control can only properly be taken back from the bottom up, that’s us; the people, the citizens, the community. I’ve written before of how local politics really needs shaking up, but that only happens if local people actually challenge the typical moribund local councils.

Good to see my mate Steve, a Green councillor, spending a night on the streets of Bristol to raise awareness of and money for the homeless of Bristol: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/bristolgreencllrs

And this is an example of just such and at least attempting to make the world a better place for all.

Now, as I’ve written in previous blogs I also think a change in approach at my old school, Purbeck View, would probably improve things. Instead of the old, increasingly discredited management by ‘top down’ dictat a more inclusive model involving all staff in their work (even inclusion of students in decisions) would alleviate staffing difficulties. I have always been open: in the past as a class teacher I would involve and include staff in our working practices and as far as possible empower students. With my blog I have also always been open and invited discourse, some have made comments and the only negative ones have been from aggressive trolls who hide behind anonymity and don’t engage. If any others disagree with what I write please communicate with me.

Anyway I’m off to work in the garden as the sun is shining and whilst doing that ponder on the possibility of creating a community shop in little old Swanage.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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