Private education: it’s a sad, sad situation.

Awoke this morning wondering whether I should feel bad going on about matt the twat, how would I feel if someone went on about what I’d written in the same vein? Well I’ve had a little trolling and whilst it was initially unsettling I soon reconciled stuff in my little brain as I pondered on what the trolls had written and those that parodied my writing are in some small way flattering. Judging by matt the twats comment yesterday and subsequent comments to others’ comments reflection is clearly not one of his attributes. I’m afraid I haven’t yet reached the moral heights of The Boss, having just finished his autobiography Born to Run he is clearly not as judgmental as I and would be more mature in his reaction to matt the twat. And I’ve just discovered Father John Misty and here’s his Bored in the USA:

One line in the song is “and they gave me a useless education” which I have some sympathy with, even though I didn’t get an education in the USA. Like matt the twat I had an English grammar school education from which I’m still scarred and having to battle such things as my horrible judgementalism of the likes of matt the twat. But it has helped fuel my righteous anger which was refuelled this morning listening to reports of how private school pupils get significantly more help when taking exams on the grounds of special educational needs than state schooled pupils who have special educational needs.

Before reacting judgementally like me try and ponder awhile……….enough, these are pupils who are already very much more advantaged in terms of smaller classes, more teachers, far more resources in all areas of education, greater leg ups in life from familial connections and the connections their school’s will have, deeply embedded societal advantages, so many eh? And now we learn that those who have special educational needs are more special than ‘bog standard state school pupils’. Beyond the list I’ve just made when they come to take their exams they are more likely to get longer to do them, fucking fair eh? Not. Fucking unfair.

But hey Duncan, life’s not fair you simple idealistic twat.

But wait, just ponder a little while more and the scales will fall and an explanation for our national ineptitude clarifies. Because there are so many advantages conferred on those who get a private education it allows the intellectually mediocre to rise far more and assume positions of power and influence to which they are, in terms of our national wellbeing, wholly unsuited. Include here your own examples.

It’s sad so sad

It’s a sad, sad situation

And it’s getting more and more absurd.

dae476f070d6576a964375e807ed1911Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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