Independence for Swanage.

In the olden days of this blog I simply had to copy and paste links and it was very easy to pepper the blog with relevant links. Over recent weeks it’s become progressively more difficult and I either have to learn ever more complicated ways or upgrade on wordpress. I’ve just wasted another half hour of my life trying to sort out a link to the old Independent with a story about how Frome gained an independent council in 2011, so if anyone reading this wants to read it you’ll have to make up your own search question. I wonder whether there are any generational differences or degrees of computer literacy that make it more or less difficult to do this? I suspect, with my elitist brain, that some who are used to just clicking on links and being lead through life may find finding things out for themselves a tad more difficult. Anyway here’s the address of the Independents for Frome website, their story is inspiring  Might even be inspiring for the typical town councillor; imagine going to meetings where it’s usually just you and a bunch of other middle aged men (sprinkled with the occasional woman), having to tow the party line, all pretty much thinking and saying the same bollocks.

A little while ago I met my mate Steve in Bristol, he’s a Green councillor there and said I’d love the council meetings. But what struck me was Steve saying the Greens are the only councillors who can speak their mind, the others are severely constrained by their political party machines. Seems to me another good reason to rearrange local politics from the bottom up and having independents as in Frome. IFS eh? Let’s sort out a proper group, not based on single issues or personal aggrandisement, but of people who want to shake up moribund local politics and create a council that really represents the local community.

My very limited experience of local politics in Swanage has been a very dispiriting one, the ‘one party state’ does not allow for any deviation from their narrow Conservative views. I’ve lost count of the number of conversations I’ve had about the local council, it would seem it’s been a ‘closed shop’ for ever?

I have been a Labour supporter all my life but I’m sure I would not be the only socialist who would forego party politics to shift things at a local level, if for no other reason than we’ve become far too divided in recent times.

Just imagine a new vibrancy about Swanage, council meetings that are fun and that people actually look forward to, too often it seems that they are either the same old same old or are reactive in nature and some folk are up in arms about something or other. I am very aware that individuals and groups and dear Nico at the Gazette have tried in the past, but change will only come with a total revamp of the council. How many councillors have been on the council for ever, surely they’re bored, or do they keep going purely for the good of the community?

Independence for Swanage.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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