Taking the argument to the angry ones.

Just been listening to a brilliant podcast with Sam Harris talking to a republican writer David Frum:

Also I’ve successfully copied and pasted, not quite sure how.

Anyway he, David Frum came out with a great line: “happy people never become nazis”. This he extended to drumf and those who voted for him in that they are not happy people, they are angry people. It has been recognised that many who voted for him are angry; angry about jobs, angry about their declining living standards, angry about immigration, angry about the ‘liberal elite’, angry about anyone who expresses views different to theirs, angry about gerbils. Drumf himself is an angry person, just try and imagine him in therapy. If you can be bothered to listen to Mr Frum he has a lot of interesting stuff, especially about drumf’s finances and how he’s already using the presidency to boost his brand and wealth. It’s about time all the angry people were properly appraised of his financial crookedness as well as being a Russian dupe.

I think there are similarities over here, the anger used and directed by the likes of the grinning gargoyle (shacked up with his new French mistress), lying nuttals of the ukips, and the  brexiteers in general. Any suggestion that we’re not going to get a ‘hard exit’, no ‘soft bollocks’ with the angry hard folk, is met by an angry response.

So should the new Independence (or should it be Independents?) for Swanage be a fun party? The IFFS, Independence and Fun For Swanage party, certainly aligns well with party, because parties should be fun.

A fancy crossed my febrile brain this morning (I had my first acupuncture session yesterday which has changed me) about where do the conservatives meet in Swanage? The Labour, Liberal and Green parties are all easily contacted with easy internet searches, so far after quite extensive searches and phone calls to the town hall and the conservative club have been unsuccessful in elucidating about any local conservative party meetings.

Oh silly me, every council meeting is a local conservative party meeting.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.00-02c-12-10-11-political-cartoons-tea-party


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