Utopia 0r walls.

Watched my namesake on telly last night smarmily demean his former boss, one Mr. Major. Now Mr. Major had made a speech suggesting that the tone of the ‘leading’ brexiteers was contemptuous towards those who voted remain and charmless towards those on the continent with whom it has to negotiate. I think that there is some evidence to support Mr Major’s assertions, not least from the irredeemably dense one’s own mouth, and when bullies such as him are called out they are totally unable to show any type of empathy or understanding and either belittle through smarm like ids or belittle through bluster like drumf.

Now Mr. Major is a ‘knight of the realm’ and has the moniker ‘sir’. I had that many years ago as a teacher but always felt uncomfortable being called such. The weirdest was teaching at my first special school in Wandsworth where staff called each other sir and miss, I was often pleading to be called by my name. Which makes me think that all this honours system is a little childish, like being at school. I suppose it’s another example that as you age and became a bit more aware, of the realisation that much of human behaviour is weird, childish and funny.

What is funny is farage being upset that he’s not been honoured with a knighthood, and he’s even more upset with ukip’s only mp douglas carswell who apparently wasn’t vigorous enough in his support of farage. farage is like an overgrown schoolboy still trying to throw his ugly weight around the playground.

Just got back from taking dear old Nan (she’s 100) to the hospital. After the appointment I offered to drive to the seafront and she said “yes please” with eagerness. She also spoke about it being pancake day and the carers cooking pancakes at her home, but didn’t think they’d have lemons and she loves loads of lemon juice and sugar on her pancakes. I offered to get her one, “ooh a big, fat, juicy one please”, I did and she was happy. We sat and watched the larger than normal waves crashing in from the sunlit sea, I think I enjoyed it more than Nan.

Listened yesterday to Mr Ed Vulliamy and others talk about walls on the wireless. He said that in many ways the big walls built by peoples of the past such as the Romans actually represented the limits of their ambitions, that they no longer felt able to expand their horizons and dreams. This mirrors our own times, apart from the obvious drumf Mexican wall and the pulling up of the brexit drawbridge, it also reflects our own lack of dreams. Where are the visions of earthly utopias? They are certainly not to be found with the current crop of politicians. Perhaps we can find them in lemons and watching waves.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.




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