Oooohh, you’re so robust.

Check out Den’s comment yesterday which has a fun link, I started to try and add to this blog but failed again and life is too short. Life is also short for those who take up the post of chief finance officer for the cambian company (ceo kleptosaria). Another new cfo was announced last month and saleem kleptosaria made the following comment:

“Following the sale of the adult business, cambian has a robust balance sheet which provides the platform for the next stage of our development as a focussed children’s business.

I am delighted that Anoop is joining cambian. He brings significant financial experience to the group and I look forward to working with him”

Chief finance officers, like other senior folk at cambian, don’t last long: Andrew Griffith left in 2016 after barely 2 years, Martin Hopcroft replaced Griffith and now Anoop has the chalice. I’ve mentioned before the incredibly high turnover of senior staff at cambian, and recent events at Purbeck View School continue the trend. There is still no official word as to why the mass exodus of the senior management team at Purbeck View School, do they not realise how this affects the wealth creators who work for them? It is a rare senior manager who has proper empathy for the people they manage.

Anyway, let’s have a little fun deconstructing kleptosaria’s statement. The sale of the adult business is still pending as the competition lot are still investigating so I’m not sure the funds have been released yet. He uses that now ancient term in the ever evolving language of management: ‘robust’. I remember it suddenly appearing everywhere when the ‘private style’ management changes were forced on the NHS in the 80’s. So many things are ‘robust’ in management world and gives the feel of solidity and security, I’m sure mr. philip green often claimed the robustness of BHS and it’s pension scheme.

kleptosaria then goes on about having a ‘platform for the next stage of our development’. After cambian took over Purbeck View School and other Hesley establishments it was their first foray into children’s services having until then been an adult oriented service. For the next few years there was a bewildering acquisitive phase as the company ‘grew’ at an alarming rate ‘buying’ up companies. I remember a talk given to us by the then new, and also short lived, head of education services Stephen Bradshaw and how companies had to expand or die as the reason for cambian’s expansion.

Well, expand they did until the share price plummeted in late 2015 as investors realised that perhaps the company wasn’t as robust as thought. So, to deal with this expansionary setback cambian divested of it’s original core business, the adult services, and we now have “the next stage of our development as a focussed children’s business”. Oh the weasel words of management, retrenchment described as the “next stage of development”.

I hope that Mr Anoop is as robust as he is experienced financially, trouble is the track record of those who work under kleptosaria is troubling.

And the robustness of our public services is increasingly flimsy under their tory masters and mistresses; we’ve had loads about the NHS, then a brief prison flurry and now the police service looks very shaky. Head for the gated communities.

Anyway I’m off to give another talk to a cancer support group in Axminster and have a business meeting as I try and make my unctuous business less flimsy and more robust.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

PS can anyone help me as to where the local Swanage conservative party folk meet?



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