The one party state of Swanage part 2.

In this age of the usurping of old orders there are small areas of the world where the old feudal order keeps bumbling along. Actually the initial part of this assertion isn’t entirely true as the old orders aren’t that old and, although flawed, represented an all too brief exercise in representative democracy as the western world rapidly descends into the old orders of demagogic leadership. But the second part holds true in relation to Swanage.

I deliberately used the word feudal as Swanage town council is the latest incarnation of a long line of apparatchiks who make sure the old land owning order is maintained. And in modern political history the apparatchiks have overwhelmingly been of the conservative strain. Of course we like to conserve that which we feel defines us, trouble is when we begin to explore what these actual definitions are questions proliferate. For example the fabled English/British tolerance is currently very questionable.

So, we have an established order in Swanage of a succession of tory dominated councils. I have already highlighted how there don’t appear to be any overt meetings of the local tories; there are of the other political parties where I assume they discuss things political. Where do the tories gather and discuss their political stuff? I have suggested that as we have effectively had a one party state in Swanage for such a long time the actual town council meetings are the local tories political meetings. Perhaps they have secret meetings of which we, the serfs, are unaware. I’ve often wondered what goes on in Swanage’s masonic hall.

This has been going on for so long that I think we have a ‘deep state’ in Swanage, the conduits of power have been around for so long that they are very deep rooted. Thing is with deep roots they are not only hard to shift but keep producing the same foliage and flowers. If this is what folk want fine, but I for one don’t want the same.

But I suppose the majority of folk are content with the status quo as they keep voting in the same old tts. Again I propose that to effect any local change we need a group of local folk to talk, to communicate with others, to go the meetings of the other political parties to suggest that by keep putting forward their own candidates they merely split any alternative vote and keep the tories in power. I know there are many historical antipathies between the different parties, but if people want a new council it can only come about by working together, by making it party apolitical (except being against the tories) and harnessing the energies of those who want change.

Actually I think I’m in my own little bubble and am the only one who is sad at the one party state of Swanage, my roots are not deep and of the tory tree so I’ll just go and plant a few bulbs in the garden and maybe drop a few seeds around town and look at a Kliban:


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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