Classrooms and class politics.

Can’t decide whether I want to listen to Melvyn Bragg and his ‘In Our Time’ wireless programme, it is invariably about an interesting topic with learned folk but it can be excruciating as Bragg often treats his guests with some disdain as he asks them to explain themselves. I suspect this is to mask Mr Bragg’s ignorance of certain things but it has the cost of belittling others. The guests frequently respond to this bullying by supporting each other but never, or I’ve never heard, suggesting Mr Bragg change his tone. Maybe he has a name that supports the nominative determinism theory.

I blame the selective education system he grew up with, young Bragg went to grammar school and this system is essentially designed to perpetuate the English class system by giving a few ‘smarter’ kids the apparent opportunity to join a higher class. And then chancellor hammond continues this tory malevolence by handing out another bribe to create more ‘free selective school’ and gives it the deceitful description of ‘increasing choice’. This is so disingenuous as it will be the schools making the choice; but the selfish ones will display all those revered ‘british values’ such as fair play and concern for others by sticking out their aspirational elbows and get their progeny into these schools and  will help perpetuate a system that condemns the majority to a lower class education.

And those who aspire to make their lives better by creating their own businesses are hammered by hammond (the spreadsheet shit) who breaks yet another tt manifesto promise not to raise taxes, in this case national insurance. Already this aspect of his budget is unravelling and yet so many of our ill-educated populace unthinkingly carry on with the misbelief that the tts are for the entrepreneur, or even that they are financially competent, when all they truly represent are narrow class concerns. Already the weasel promises of may on assuming the premiership are shown up for the bollocks they are; workers on company boards, hafuckingha, dream on paups. This tt government’s raison d’etre can be summed up by Hammond’s reduction in corporation tax which will give the kleptos an extra £18 billion in the next few years contrasted with the wholly inadequate £2 billion for elderly folk care. And they cut inheritance tax even more so the rich get richer and even my newly mellow, meditative and mindful state is threatened.

So I’ll do my Qi Gong breathing exercises and allow my acupunctured body to calm and equilibriate as I’ve done my venting and dream of some future utopia where people actually realise what is happening and demand a modicum of fairness and equality. My friend Paul, who is my T’ai Chi master, is learning me all sorts of good stuff and excitedly tells me of how well his T’ai Chi lessons are going in a local school and I think of how some T’ai Chi in all our schools would be way more beneficial than so much of the target driven bollocks that passes for education in our increasingly impoverished schools (except for the private and selective ones of course; well obviously our betters in the higher classes need so much more than the masses of the lower classes, mainly because all that upper class inbreeding has made them dimmer and in need of special education). Ooh you’re so bitter Duncan, of course I’m just envious that I’m not one of the upper class and it has nothing to do with fairness.

Time to do my exercises then cook up some more unction as I strive to create a small business. Off to a VIP ladies day in Northampton on Sunday where along with my snake oil I’ll be amongst the aspirational classes. Weird. And looking forward to seeing Julie and Jim

may grammar

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



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