Mass media dementia.

I hope that those suffering from dementia in whatever form or have loved ones who suffer from it who might read this don’t take any offence as I use it to describe a condition that seems to be evolving in our media saturated society. I use it very deliberately as it is a generic description of a group of conditions and symptoms associated with brain function. It’s symptoms include: memory loss, thinking speed, mental agility, language problems, deteriorating understanding and impaired judgement. I have recently experienced this at a personal level and am witnessing ever increasing amounts in our media.

Yesterday after cooking some unction I left the house to make an unctuous delivery and do some hunting (my pathetic term for a bit of shopping). After walking down the road a little I checked my pockets and man bag for my list, I found a list in my diary and also noticed that I didn’t have any keys. I walked back home to find the keys in the front door.

I managed to make a successful delivery and whilst walking on to the shop felt in the pocket of my man bag and found a £10 pound note but no wallet, I’d left it at home, so had a £10 spending limit. On looking at my list I discovered that it was one from last week. So I walked around the shop getting what I though was on my most current list, there were also some reduced bargain hot pastries and knowing Ruby liked them I put 2 in my shopping basket. When I went to the self service check out I had to do quite a lot of rapid mental arithmetic and realised the eggs and a couple of other things had to be left. Despite my normally accurate mathematical agility I was a few pence over £10 so had to get assistance to take off a hot savoury pastry from the checkout machine. I paid and then returned the other items being the responsible citizen that I am, but there was only one hot savoury pastry.

I walked home by a different than normal route to spice up the day and found the current list on the kitchen table and I’d remembered everything! This both confused and pleased me a little. Whilst I don’t think I have serious dementia yet there are little signs that as I age I’m a little more forgetful, but I also have ‘chemobrain’ and read and try to retain a ridiculous amount of information every day. My poor brain is overloaded.

But as I read I see increasing evidence of dementia everywhere. The grinning gargoyle aka farage visited julian assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy this week and when asked about it said he could not remember what he was doing inside the building. He also weirdly said “I never discuss where I go or who I see”. So he returns after visiting assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy to his new French paramour who asks in a normal manner what he’s been doing and as ever he says nothing.

The hapless sean spicer, spokesperson for drumf, gives answers to every question that suggest dementia. As for his demented boss his every unscripted utterance shows evidence of: language problems, deteriorating understanding and impaired judgement. As well as remembering nothing about all his Russian meetings.

Over the past 2 days whenever a tory is asked about their national insurance manifesto pledge they display complete memory loss as well as deteriorating understanding as to how this appears to sentient beings.

Any attempts to question brexiters about brexit is met with total ignorance of the substance of any questions and a frothing at the mouth (this might be a symptom of something else other than dementia).

There is mass shareholder memory loss as klepto sorrel of mass media manipulators wpp again pays himself a mere £41 million for last year.

And so it is everywhere, evidence of mass dementia. And so it will be whenever the next general election is and millions of deluded folk vote tory again.

I found my mind in a brown paper bag.

Only a Kliban will do:

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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