The Bullingdon Broadcasting Company

Just watched Evan Davis on Newsnight and as ever it was cobblers. One interview was with a tt mp about the ongoing investigation into the tt’s election spending in the last election and today twelve police forces passed their investigative files to the crown prosecution service indicating that up to 20 tory mps exceeded their electoral spending limit. Could be significant and serious. If it had been 20 Labour mps and Mr Evan was interviewing a Labour mp, well, one can but speculate. Gadzooks what an absolute bounder Mr davis is.

Anyways, we all jolly well bang on about drumf and his lies and yet there are untruths aplenty spouted by our home grown lying tory twats. They have just been given the largest fine ever by the electoral commission because they deliberately broke the electoral spending limits. They bussed in activists at great expense, remember the tts have way more money than other parties, to key marginal seats around the country. Not as the dear old liberals do with their battlebuses to spread their party political message but to specifically supply support for individual tt candidates with targeted stuff for that constituency which should then be included in the local candidates expenses, and wasn’t.

Now having been found to be ne’er do wells they lie: oh we’ve complied with all the commissions requests for information, bollocks, needed court orders to get the info. Much of the online guff spread during the election has mysteriously been deleted. They say the guidelines need to be clarified despite them clearly flouting clear current guidelines. They say “ooh look at the other parties, they do the same”. Actually they don’t do the same, much as drumf and the republicans lie, cheat, smear, bully and slander their opponents way more than their opponents so do the tories. Politicians generally get tarred with the same brush but the tts, the republicans, fucking farage, drumf the brexiters and all their ilk are way more tarred and splatter the rest with their shit. This is important for people to properly understand yet sadly with us all in our own little bubbles won’t happen.

Anyway, it may well be the case that this nefarious activity by the tts swayed people’s votes in key marginals at the last election. And that led to the tts winning, and then brexit, and then may and co and then the Scots wanting out and a country and it’s people ever more divided and angry. But who cares, they always do this, and with the likes of evan poodle davis few of us will be any the wiser.

Still, it’s good to see that the weird looking wilders of The Netherlands has not succeeded in spreading his poison too much this time.

And my team of last season are the only one amongst all the really wealthy teams of our premier league still in the European cup. Some things can still bring a smile, just like all the lovely plants growing in our garden.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



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