It’s a bloody obscenity.

So a recent study has ascertained that in this country, the value laden Great Britain (time we dropped the Great eh?), many girls, maybe thousands throughout the country, are missing days at school because they are menstruating. This isn’t primarily due to any embarrassment (although it plays it’s part in our patriarchal world) but because families are so poor that buying tampons, sanitary towels and other menstrual paraphernalia isn’t high on the essential list of essentials. Two things: an absolute disgrace that some are too poor to buy such essentials and that half the population have to pay for such essentials (let alone the insult that VAT is added). A woman talking about this with Eddie Mair on Radio 4 commented that he was the first man to interview her about this. Obviously manly menfolk have to discuss and pass judgement on much more manly things like brexit, soccer and terrorism.

I was treated today by one of this half of this population; a dental technician from Ireland. She was very good and signed me off, will she be signed off as part of the brexit deal being Irish and all? It’s good though that I’ve been signed off, no more dental appointments at the hospital, just the crabby check ups, next one due in a month.

It was a sad day yesterday as I finally succumbed to the propaganda that lilies are very poisonous for cats, I’d just potted a few lily bulbs and sadly took them and many more dotted around the garden out of the rich, deep earth (we have a few hundred so there will be lots to take out yet). Anyone want some lovely lily bulbs, including many magnificent tree lilies?

And john lydon aka johnny rotten says the working class have spoken and voted for brexit and he likes drumf, like the property developer is still working class, pretty vacunt.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.




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