Time to fight back against ‘political correctness’

So I have a new animal hero; a dog whelk. Learnt about it and other rock pool dwelling critters on a marine ranger training day yesterday. These whelks slime their way onto the shells of veggy eating molluscs like barnacles and then drill a hole in their shells, once through they inject a load of digestive enzymes and suck out the resulting meaty broth. Of course some anthropomorphic folk think this unpleasant, I think it remarkable what supposedly simple creatures, without even a backbone let alone sapiens, have evolved. I also caught a spindly thing I thought was a young spindly crab, the chief warden (she’s not a ranger like me yet) looked at it in my hand and told me it was a sea spider, I immediately put it into her hand telling her I was an arachnophobe.

Thinking of unpleasant creatures I  haven’t mentioned the kleptonic bastards for a while, those giant squid like creatures who suck the wealth out of societies and we hear and read so little truth about how they operate; politicians of all persuasions go along with the kleptomyths such as their entrepreneurial skills, wealth creators, job providers and other mythical bollocks. This tiny rant came after an excellent article I’ve just read by one Rutger Bregman entitled; “No, wealth isn’t created at the top. It is merely devoured there”  https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/mar/30/wealth-banks-google-facebook-society-economy-parasites

There’s one lovely quote he uses; when goldman sachs current ceo, lloyd blankfein, was asked about the purpose of his job he replied that he was “doing god’s work”. Not surprising when so many treat these bloodsucking giant squids like gods, with our unquestioning adulation and hourly incantations of the bleedin’ footsie, wall street and exchange rates as if it has any direct relevance to the greater mass of homo sapiens, ooh err missus the footsie’s risen. Bollocks. Rentier, kleptonic bollocks.

And then I read about Suzanne Moore bemoaning social conservatism defeating political correctness and I come across the following comment:”

“So Political correctness is a pejorative term created and coined solely by the right that signifies nothing but their contempt for any concept that is not firmly embedded in the radical extreme selfishness of Ayn Rand’s objectivism.

The privileged right have to believe that their privilege is born of their superiority, higher intelligence and manly aggression. Whereas the reality it is born of their inherited wealth, the enduring legacy of feudal hegemony, and delusional self-aggrandisement.

In another time you would have claimed that views calling for the abolition of slavery were “political correctness”.

If one had to attach a meaning to the phrase “political correctness” that you smug, self-satisfied, traitorous, Brexit bastards so love to brand any resolution or action that might be the slightest bit progressive in your eyes. then I would suggest “the application of civilised, ethical standards to behaviour and thought” rather than “good manners”. Excellent.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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