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Just watched this, I think it’s brilliant please share with as many as you can, even the deluded tts:


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan


The one party state of Englandshire.

They ‘play the person and not the ball’ do the tories. They are making Mr Jeremy, or trying to make Mr Jeremy, the focus of this election because he is ‘unelectable’. They feed us the already boring and repetitive mantra about may being ‘strong and stable’ (ripe for later deconstruction) and leave it at that so attempting to get the electorate to not look too closely at the weird one. She is ‘strong and stable’, strong’nstable constable, how could one even consider voting for anyone else?

Except she may not be that ‘strong’, certainly apparently not strong enough to withstand the rigours of televised debate.

And, for a pleasant change, I enjoyed watching Question Time last night. Don’t know if it’s just little old hopeful me but there seems to be a mood developing that maybe the tts won’t get it all their own way. Damien Green, one of the more amiable tories, used the phrase ‘strong’nstable’ a few times in his very first address, along with the ‘chaos of the opposition’. A member of the audience gleefully waved his arms, got Dimblebore’s attention and said how he’s already won his bet with his wife that the tory would use the phrases. And went on to ask whether the politicos could show the electorate a little more respect.

And visits to my blog spiked again yesterday with people reading the ‘One party state of Swanage’ piece. Well we have an opportunity to change that a little with upcoming council and then general election. Slaver drax the tory incumbent for South Dorset had a pretty big majority here in 2015 after retaking the seat for the tts in 2010. Maybe if all the ‘progressive’ parties got together then we could give slaver drax a fright. He is the current ‘owner’ of Charlborough Park

a 7000 acre fiefdom he has inherited as the latest in a long line of local gentry. I wonder what his opinion might be on the much fairer system of taxing land and wealth rather than income? He kindly opens the grounds once, maybe even twice, a year to the plebs. Maybe, in a fairer and more just world such spoils would be shared out more equitably.

The coming election is fraught with the possibility of dear old Englandshire becoming a one-party state, much like Swanage. I’m going to be doing my bit on the stump to try and stop the entitled and other tts from continuing their class war and the exploitation of our land and people.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


Well, that was my quickest check up yet and the quickest still all clear. I saw the doctor who last year had me in for a biopsy after a check up, so briefly anxious but this time was easily the least unpleasant sticking the camera down my nose to have a look at my throat procedure. I mentioned my acupuncture to try and allay my pre-check up anxiety and it seems to have really helped this time with no sleepless nights and a general feeling of mellow equanimity. I told the doctor we have one of the country’s top acupuncturists in Swanage and Poole and she took Alan’s name.

I asked how long I’d be on 3 monthly check ups, she said until the end of the year and if still OK then up to 4 months. This is more frequent than for many other cancers, suppose because I’m ‘higher risk’ and as Kate said if there is any recurrence can be picked up quickly and whipped out surgically as I’ve maxed out on the radiotherapy.

Enough, all this crabby writing is raising my anxiety.

On the journey home I heard this scientist talking about bioaccumulation, how toxins, mainly human produced, are taken up through the food chain and as they aren’t excreted stay in the various plant and animal tissue eventually accumulating in those animals at the top of the food chains (spiders, by the way, are top of the little critters league).

Made me think that we’ve had a similar political process exhibiting itself recently as evidenced by the likes of drumf, the grinning gargoyle, wilders and irretrievably dense smith. The toxic political memes are passed through the generations accumulating in certain powerful people and producing deeply toxic politicians.

And the toxic political opportunism of may has, through the toxic viral penetration of a worryingly large number of host organisms, caused a number of these organisms to believe the bollocks being spread about her. These toxic viruses have been spread by those who’ve been similarly affected by the political bioaccumulation and own various media empires such as murdoch, rothermere and the barclay brothers. All these extremely wealthy folk have used their wealth and media power to spread their toxins for many years and we now have an increasingly ugly and divided society.

Have to give Jeremy Vine some credit as when he asked one of the chief brexiters, david davies, about Labour’s latest brexit proposals he immediately attacked Mr Jeremy saying how changeable he had been about brexit and Mr Vine retorted that may has already shown changeability in calling the election. Good tactic to respond in this way to the tts every time they play the person and not the ball.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan



Waiting on a punny day.

And so the distraction of the impending election will soon be superseded by my Tuesday check-up, or maybe not, because I have been having acupuncture of late and one of the aims was to reduce my pre-check-up anxiety (along with general crabby anxiety). So I’ll see, or otherwise sense, over the next couple of days any acupunctural success. I have thus far been impressed with the acupunctural effects, especially the one when Alan said I’d be mellow, and I was and still generally am (unless, of course, he’s been hypnotising me in some way and I’ve been auto-suggested).

My apparent anxietal reduction has coincided  with a reduction in my previous daily checking of the cambian share price. So I just check it for the first time in a while and it is still pretty moribund but there is some chatter on the forums and seems a sell off might be in the offing. Kleptosaria’s long term plan with cambian might seem to be to create a big enough company that it becomes attractive to some other kleptonic company, group or whatever they call themselves and they are taken over. And kleptosaria gets another big fat pay-off. Anyone out there care to confirm or contradict?

Either way kleptosaria has extracted much monies from what are essentially public monies. So when Mr Jeremy is elected ones hopes such individual wealth extraction is superseded by greater distribution, I’m sure we could come to some deal so that Mr Asaria is adequately compensated and the staff and students of Cambian establishments can have a better deal and service.

In other areas of wealth extraction the unctuous selling season is back upon me with mixed results so far. So far sales have been sluggish but I’m ever optimistic. and a new avenue has just opened up courtesy of my daughter Grace. She had her first tattoo last week and was given some cream to keep the skin moist and prevent infection. Instead she has been using Duncan’s Unction TM and it’s worked a treat. So the sales team are off next week to visit tattoo parlours to drum up business (geddit). AAARRRRGGGHHHH I’ve been bitten by the pun-wolf and people are not lycan what I’m saying (nicked from this week’s New Statesman).

pun1Keep on keeping on, love Duncan

Are the tories frauds?

Just read something that brought a smile to my almost 60 year old face. The Labour party in the Surrey West constituency are to vote on whether to not put forward a candidate against jeremy  *unt and support the liberal, the tories closest challengers. So, if this happens and is repeated across the country then frit may could yet have a squeaky bum beneath her weird clothes.

And a story that will hopefully gain traction is that she called the election to distract from the impending prosecution of a number of tory mps for electoral fraud at the last election. Dear old Dennis Skinner brought this up during the debate about fritmay’s snap election. Channel 4 and Michael Crick have doggedly been reporting on this for a while and the time statute on prosecution runs out next month:

So after the June election we may have another soon after as those tory mps under investigation who are re-elected will have to stand down if found guilty.

Dumfries is an example of the tory’s fraudulence:

As is the case in many other constituencies which you can peruse at your leisure through this wonderful resource:

Now what if LOCAL campaigners for other parties keep a watch out for the forthcoming bussed in tts in marginal constituencies like Dumfries and have rapid response teams to go and politely question these fraudulent interlopers about their visit, their costs and at the same time inform others in the locales about the ongoing criminal investigations. Shame can work.

I don’t believe it, the tts possible using fraudulent methods to gain/hold on to power. As Mr Jeremy stated it is the kleptos and other hangers on who most don’t want him elected. And look how these richer folk are already squealing, the apology for a debate over who is wealthy and the figure of £70.000 being bandied. Only 5% earn more than this so, as with the recent squealing when Labour proposed VAT on private school fees, be prepared to hear about the only just managing on £75K. Of course they only just manage because they have to pay private school fees, exorbitant housing costs because of our rentier society and disgusting housing system and they have to keep up with their neighbours because this is one of the central values of the English, keeping up with the Smiths.

And that venerable institution the BBC keeping it’s balanced approach; I know I’m a tad biased but watching emily maitlis on newsnight stick her tongue up the tory arses on Tuesday night compared with how she interviewed a Labour chap last night made this viewer throw up his caviar and champers.

And I think I’ll donate some of my meagre monies to Compass in their campaign to create a Progressive Alliance and create an anti-tory shitstorm and wipe the weird smirk off fritmay’s face.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


The real societal saboteurs.

So the absolutely appalling mail comes out with the absolutely appalling headline ‘crush the saboteurs’, it actually sums up the state we are in. Use of the term ‘crush’ immediately brings up visions such as a jackboot crushing the head of anyone who dares question the ‘right’ of the already powerful to exert their power on others. It is a disturbing term worthy of our modern dystopia.

And then to call all those who might oppose as ‘saboteurs’ invokes other images. These are folk who commit ‘sabotage’:

1. The deliberate destruction of property or obstruction of normal operations, as by civilians or enemy agents in a time of war.
2. The deliberate attempt to damage, destroy, or hinder a cause or activity.
On the surface it is sabotage of the now inalienable right of the hard line brexiters to impose their hard line brexit bollocks. It is the continuing invocation of the alienated, the nationalists, the angry masses to rise up against the supposed class that is the cause of their predicament. To get the saboteurs who are attempting to ‘damage, destroy, or hinder’ the brexit cause. Any who are against their hard line brexit bollocks are enemies, and after might’s crushing election victory any resistance will be met with increasingly authoritarian force.
And so we gently segue into the first definition of sabotage; already we’ve had ‘something of the night howard’ making threats towards Spain over Gibralter as well as all the wartime allusions of boris bunter and the grinning gargoyle.
This is part of the endgame of neoliberal capitalism, unless we do actually fight by thinking, talking, agitating, voting for proper progress and not give the tts and their shadowy klepto masters a supposed mandate.
End may in June.
Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.