The current tory leadership are the current enemy within.

We are in the midst of a coup. A coup being perpetrated by older white men. Using the omega-male farage’s brexit bollocks as cover these odious people are planning to get rid of so much of recent progressive freedoms, especially those for women, minorities, poor bloody workers, disabled and more. They are frothing at their scrofulous mouths as they can’t wait to bring back all their lost virility in the form of blue passports, hanging, corporal punishment in schools, getting rid of the namby health service and the hoi polloi all tugging their forelocks to them. Just witness their reaction whenever anyone dares to question them about brexitian terms or that remainers might behave as they have since we joined the common market. Sadly remainers have to take a leaf out of their dog-eared book and keep fighting for a fairer, more civilised way of being.

And time all those who want a better world for all join forces, so please Mr Jeremy you too move on and you will be more likely to get the world you wish for. The ukippers are a busted flush, they will continue to fall apart under the leadership of nuttall, KG, CGB, DSO, VC, KBE, OBE as the tts have assumed all their shit. There is only one enemy within our benighted isle; the current tory leadership, why, I’m even agreeing with Heseltine and Soubry!!!!! Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.




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